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Connected Successfully.
  • Will and Marcy Dmytrow
    Parent Story: Briercrest College Was the Right Choice for My Son

    Third-year ministry student Will and his mom, Marcy, have an honest conversation about Will’s last-minute decision to come to Briercrest and the results Marcy has seen in Will’s life since then.


  • Have you met Mrs. Crocker?

    Mrs. Crocker is passionate about the subject matter she teaches and training up students for life. She can be found laughing with students in the Art Room or reading "The Outsiders" in ELA A9. Get to know her below:


  • Curious About Academic Support? Meet Mrs. Duncan

    Everyone needs a cheerleader and someone to help push them beyond their comfort. That is what Mrs. Duncan does as the Student Support Resource Coordinator at BCA! Get to know her below:


  • Have you met Mrs. Guenter?

    Students walk away with valuable life lessons when they leave Mrs. Guenter's classroom. Her heart for hospitality and her care for students shows up in everything she cooks and sews. Get to know her below:


  • Want to Talk Hockey? Meet Mr. Friesen!

    As a retired hockey player, Mr. Friesen adds so much not only to our U17 Praire Hockey Academy student Athletes as their head coach but also brings his skills to the classroom. Get to know him below:


  • Chemistry is FUN. Meet Mr. Hoimyr!

    Life is exciting when you spend time in Mr. Hoimyr's classroom. Whether you're creating hoverboards or talking about chemical reactions - sometimes things just explode! Get to know him below:


  • Are you joining us from abroad? Meet Mrs. Lim!

    Angela Lim is the International Program Coordinator for students in the ENGLISH+ program. She works closely with our students who are furthest away from home to ensure their success. Get to know her below:


  • Meet Mrs. Grove, our Choir Conductor and Student Support Teacher!

    Mrs. Grove is a teacher in the areas of Student Support and Choir. Not only that, but she is also the director of our Easter Tour! Get to know her below:


  • Have you met Mrs. Hoimyr?

    Mrs. Hoiymr is best known for her caramel popcorn, blonde brownies, and for taking pictures at sports games. Her joy is infectious and students love it when she is in their class. Get to know her below:


  • Get to know our selfless Mr. Schulz!

    Whether it is his work on the school yearbook or grilling burgers in the rain at a Cougar football game, Mr. Schulz embodies servant leadership and generosity for our students. Get to know him below:


Being a dorm student has been like being at summer camp for a full year. The memories and relationships that were made are ones that I will never forget.
Liam Tieszen (Caronport High School)