News for Alumni

  • Strategies for Resilience in Co-Vocational Ministry

    Resilience is a dynamic and personalized process influenced by many factors. Dr. Margaret Clarke shares what her research reveals about pastoral resilience in the face of co-vocational ministry challenges.

  • Planting the Gospel in Quebec with Maxime Cauchon

    Quebec has been resistant to the gospel for decades - and for good reason. What might it cost the church to change that? In this episode, we talk with Maxime Cauachon about multiplying church planting movements in Quebec. We also discuss co-vocational ...

  • 2024 Youth Quake Junior Retreat

    Junior Retreat weekend highlights

  • Refugee Sponsorship and Canadian South Asian Churches with Joel David

    South Asians are the largest visible minority group in Canada. So who is reaching them with the gospel? In this episode, we talk with Joel David about his journey to Canada to pastor a church for South Asian Canadians. We also discuss refugee sponsorsh...

  • Resilient Disciples and Resilient Leaders with Chris McGregor

    Resiliency is a cultural problem and a church problem. What can we do? In this episode, we talk with Chris McGregor about planting and growing a church in Montreal. We also discuss the challenges of forming resilient disciples. Chris is the Lead Pastor...

  • Who Needs Apologetics? with Tim Barnett

    Who needs apologetics? Isn't the Bible enough? In this episode, we talk with Tim Barnett about his journey from a high school teacher to a professional apologist. We also discuss the changing face of apologetics and the need for apologetics in Canadian...

  • Theological Education in the Church with Cody Matchett

    Does theological education belong in the academy or the church? As we consider clergy shortages across the country, will our traditional structures of ministry training be sufficient to fulfill this need? In this episode, we talk with Cody Matchett abo...

  • Location, Space, and Mission with Brad Moffat

    Some say church buildings don't matter - until they affect their mission. In this episde, we talk with Brad Moffat about the unique design and location of his church building and how it forced them to think creatively about mission and multiplication. ...

  • President's Chapel - March 27, 2024

    In our last President’s Chapel of this school year, Dr. Pawelke emphasizes the paramount importance of LOVE as the pinnacle of our discipleship journey.

  • President's Chapel - March 13, 2024

    Dr. Pawelke emphasizes the importance of placing our unwavering trust in God, which cultivates resilience, both in good times and amidst life’s trials.