Women in Ministry, Discerning God's Calling, and Spiritual Health with Michelle Dwyer

Posted: June 17, 2024

How are you going to lead as a woman? This question was asked of Michelle Dwyer when she applied to become the lead pastor of her church. We discuss her answer on this episode of CITN. We also talk about spiritual and emotional health in ministry, discerning God's call, and emerging generations. Michelle is the Lead Pastor of Westlife Church in Calgary, AB. For more information about the church or to contact Michelle, visit https://www.westlifechurch.ca/. Her book, "Fierce Hope," is available on Amazon.

In the pre-show, Rob, Dan, and Geoff catch up and talk about ministry burnout. Have you made plans for restoration this summer? For more information about the podcast, visit www.churchinthenorth.ca. For questions or inquiries, please email us at podcast@churchinthenorth.ca. If you like what you hear, please share this podcast with others, give us a review, or leave a comment.