Planting a Church and Moving On with Matt Naismith

Posted: June 24, 2024

Do church planters always stay in the church they've planted? In this episode, we talk with Matt Naismith about following God's call to plant a church and then following God's lead to transition into a new ministry. We also discuss missional communities, ministry in southern Ontario, and his podcast "The Sowers." Matt is the Church Planting Catalyst and Collegiate Strategist for SEND Network, based out of Guelph, ON. To reach out to Matt, visit You can check out "The Sowers" at

In the pre-show, Rob, Dan, and Geoff discuss appropriate pastoral wardrobes. They also share embarrassing stories as they mourn Dan's penultimate presence in the pre-who. For more information about the podcast, visit If you have questions or inquiries, please email us at Like what you hear? Please share this podcast with others, give us a review, or leave a comment.