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A New Voice for Preaching?

By Blayne Banting

If a preacher preaches in a forest and nobody is listening, is that still preaching?

How Do Pastors Bounce Back from Challenges?

By Margaret Clarke

Resilience is a process that depends on a lot of factors. One of our counselling faculty reflects on what her research reveals about pastoral resilience in the face of ministry challenges.

Community during COVID

By Charity Klassen

A college freshman shares how her Briercrest experience provided much needed community during a challenging time.

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People of Briercrest: Ali McMaster

By Briercrest Staff

Ali McMaster's Briercrest story highlights the importance of Christian higher education in helping young adults stay connected to faith and the Church.

Alumni Feature: Roy and Adelina Martens

By Briercrest Staff

Even from a young age, God designs circumstances to direct people toward His purpose. Roy and Adelina Martens were in their teens when the Lord spoke to them about serving Him in India.

People of Briercrest: Ellery Pullman

By Briercrest Staff

Dr. Ellery Pullman believes that the education at Briercrest is not only rigorous and relevant but also transformative, enabling students to grow into maturity and better serve others.

Alumni Feature: David Guretzki

By Briercrest Staff

David Guretzki is a Briercrest alum success story. A lifelong learner, he is thankful for Briercrest's emphasis on teaching theology and how it applies to current events.

People of Briercrest: Alex Cheing

By Briercrest Staff

Dr. Alex Cheing shows us the value of education that disciples and in teaching students how to navigate the business world through a Biblical perspective.

People of Briercrest: Jill Harder

By Briercrest Staff

Faith-based communities provide meaning and purpose. Jill Harder shows the joys and benefits of engaging in the Christian community at Briercrest.

Youth Quake '22 Theme | "Homecoming"

By Timothy Lenko

The director of Youth Quake shares the heart behind “Homecoming” and what this year’s theme offers to youth.

From Where I Stand: Global Perspectives in Leadership

By Ellen Duffield

Coordinator of the Centre for Leadership Studies reflects on oft-missed opportunities to learn about leadership from international voices.

Discipleship and the Holy Spirit

By Timothy Lenko

Mary's faith is a worthy meditation even beyond the Advent season. What does Gabriel's word about the Holy Spirit and Mary's trusting response say about our Christian journey?

3 Ways To Better Serve People in Multivocational Ministry

By Ellen Duffield

Ellen Duffield, Coordinator for The Paul E. Magnus Centre for Leadership Studies, reflects on how people in the church and parachurch organizations can better support multivocational ministers.

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I am so thankful for this community because they changed my life and really showed me that no matter the distance we are still family.
Caleb Smith Class of 2017