Jacob Baribeau is a resilient leader for Briercrest

Posted: September 25, 2015

Briercrest hockey's current ironman, Jacob Baribeau, brings skill and tenacity as an assistant captain. The Dorchester, Ontario product led the team in scoring in his rookie season two years ago, and his quiet confidence and mental composure contribute beyond the stat sheet. "I try to always show up to work hard for games and practices and to be a player my coach can rely on to never give up," Baribeau says. "I'm not perfect, I have bad days, but I try and shrug it off and get back at it the next day. As a person I think I bring a lot of positivity to the group. So I try and make sure I am continually encouraging to everybody."

Jacob is halfway through a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, and plans to start his own business after his hockey career is completed. That will probably not be for a while, however, as he hopes to play professional hockey in Europe after graduating.  

The rare blend of high level hockey and Christian education is what drew Baribeau to Briercrest. "The opportunity to play college hockey while getting a business degree with the bible college experience included was too good of a deal to pass up on,” Jacob explained. "I had to come."

 He has deeply appreciated the uniqueness of the experience here with Briercrest.

"Everything is special about our team, and it all roots from it being a Christian hockey team," Jacob says. "I played four years of junior hockey and I've never felt the same connection as I do with this group of boys. These guys are my family while I am here and I know every one of them has my back. That in itself is really special to me."

An extremely versatile forward, Baribeau plays and excels in all situations. Whether it's a power play, key penalty kill, or the critical final moments of a tight game, Jacob can be counted on. He is a core player in the program and a solid role model for his teammates.

Briercrest is proud to have Jacob as a member of the team and wishes him success in all his future endeavours.