Christian higher education has the power to change the trajectory of a young person's faith.

As the Church in Canada faces a mass exit of young people and Christian schools across the country face declining enrolment, we must act to fight for the faith of tomorrow's Church. Students who attended Christian higher education were found more likely to keep their faith and stay connected to the Church as they grew up. Will you partner with us as we invest in tomorrow's Church?


Making an impact


Briercrest strives to make biblical education accessible to students, regardless of their financial situation. We believe that students should be able to choose a college based on what they value, not on what they can afford.


We continue to expand program opportunities for students but there is more at stake than employability. Our biblically integrated education produces leaders that bears witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring benefit to the world.


We have been blessed with an extensive campus and we want to ensure that our facilities are well maintained, current, and continue to facilitate learning and meaningful community relationships.

Why Christian Higher Education?

In a time when young adults are leaving the faith in overwhelming numbers, Christian education can make a difference in the lives of students—and in the Church.

Read as President Michael Pawelke describes the incredible value of Christian higher education in our current cultural moment.

Christian Higher Education

“The Word of our God shall stand forever”

Isaiah 40:8 boldly proclaims the foundation for the outstanding Christian education students receive as they prepare for a lifetime of service.

Your gift to Briercrest invests in the lives of young followers of Christ to learn how to equip the Church and engage our world. Together, we are seeking to resource the Church and the world with well-educated, well-trained servants who have a heart to honour Christ and make a difference. Briercrest is committed to faithful financial stewardship of every dollar and is immensely grateful for prayer and financial support.

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Invest in Education that Disciples

Your support enables Briercrest to continue offering outstanding Christian education to the next generation of church and marketplace leaders.

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