Zacharias brings passion and competitive drive to Briercrest volleyball team

Posted: October 25, 2014

Intensity, consistency, and a strong passion for the game is what second year outside hitter, Samantha Zacharias brings to the Briercrest women’s volleyball team.

The Waldheim native was originally drawn to Briercrest for the level of volleyball, and the Christian environment.

“A couple different things interested me enough to come to Briercrest,” Zacharias said. “Nolan’s strong interest in me as a player was definitely a huge factor. But with that being said, the fact that I had the chance to play the sport I love in one of the most unique atmospheres with some pretty sick people who love the Lord, it was hard to turn this school down.”

When asked about her goals with being both a student, and an athlete Zacharias responded, “As of right now, my goals are pretty wide open as I just plan to take things year by year… see where the Lord takes me. But, I know for sure I want to play volleyball as long as I possibly can.”

The Business student has continually found the atmosphere of the Briercrest team unlike any other.

“We’re a family,” she explained. “We push each other not only to become better players on the court, but also push each other to use our different gifts and abilities to glorify the Lord.”

Zacharias could not pick just one moment to say as her favourite, as, “It has all been pretty unreal.”

Her confidence and heavy swings have proved to be great additions for the team’s overall success this season.

“I’d say I’m a pretty determined person, always pushing myself and others to be better,” she said. “I think I’d also say I bring a sense of confidence to the court. I’m an aggressive offensive player and my competitive drive makes me love to win and hate to lose.” 

“If I could do anything with nothing holding me back I would go play pro somewhere and travel around the world with no worries,” Zacharias concluded. “And, if that fails I guess I’ll have to come up with a new plan.”