"Who am I and why am I here?"

That quDISCIPLE - by Michael Pawelke (cover image)estion is one that people have been asking themselves throughout the centuries and it is also one that I ask the reader at the end of the first chapter of my book Disciple.

Disciple, which was written in 2010 while I was a pastor at Compass Point Community Church in Burlington, Ont. is a book designed to help you grow as a disciple and a tool to help others mature as a disciple of Christ. It also allows you to wrestle with the real and haunting questions about life, meaning, truth and God.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking truth. In fact, I encourage you to ask questions because when you ask, God is listening. When you seek, God wants you to find. As you knock, God is anxious to open. Wherever you are in your spiritual pilgrimage, be honest with yourself and others. Most importantly, be honest with God. Ask Him your questions. Seek truth. Knock on the door of understanding. God has big shoulders and listening ears.

The attached pdf is my gift to you. Feel free to download the pdf to your computer, iPad or electronic reader.