Student Life


Harassment, Discrimination Prevention and Conflict Resolution Services

Student Advocates

  • Talk with your Residence Assistant (RA) or Community Life Leader
  • Connect with the Student Government

Factors that Constitute a Student's Good Standing

Three significant components of good standing concern academics, student life, and finances. Explore the resources below to learn about our policies and expectations.

Check out the College Academic Calendar for our policies on:

  • Academic Integrity and Honesty
  • Appeal Process/Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Grade Recalculation, Grade Review, Grade Scale policies
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Student Dismissal - Academic "Required to Discontinue"

Check out the Student Development Policy Reference Guide for information on:

Check out the Payment Information page for details about Financial Good Standing.

Academic and Life Skills Counseling


Internal Academic Dispute Resolution

Check out the College Academic Calendar for our policies on:

  • Remedial Work Policy
  • Academic Review and Appeal Process

Student Withdrawal and Transferring

See the College Academic Calendar for our policies on:

  • Adding and Dropping Courses
  • Withdrawal and Discontinuation Policy
  • Student Record Retention Policy

International Student Program Designation Revocation Process

Scholarship and Award Application*

*Please note that Briercrest does not offer full scholarships at this time. The maximum amount available covers only a portion of the cost.

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