Human Resources


Over the years Briercrest College and Seminary and Briercrest Christian Academy have enjoyed a rich heritage of volunteerism. It would not be far off the mark to state that, in God's plan, this ministry grew out of the commitment and active participation of innumerable volunteers. We are who we are today as a result of this and we are grateful to all our volunteers.

As we carry on this ministry, it has become increasingly clear that we need to clarify the process by which we invite and receive expressions of that same servant commitment and active participation today. 

Child Protection Policy

This policy includes an application/orientation process for those who wish to come alongside what God is doing in a volunteer capacity with Briercrest College and Seminary and Briercrest Christian Academy, particularly as it relates to working with minors. All volunteers working in contexts where minors are directly involved are required to complete this process.

Each applicant will submit the appropriate form and required documents to the contact listed at the end of the policy and responsible for that area of interest. Upon approval of the application, each volunteer will be asked to complete a short orientation process before they are able to begin. This process is designed to familiarize the applicant with the current policies and practices that inform our work with minors. From time to time, areas of specific volunteerism may include additional components in the orientation of their respective volunteers.