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Quick Facts

Name: Cheryl Kozun

From: Caronport. Born here. Left for 10 years to direct The Quest and Ranger Lake Bible Camp. Then came back. 

What is your Favorite food? Watermelon sprinkled with salt (try it before you mock me)

Favorite Hobbies: gardening, photography, and PLAYING WITH MY GRANDKIDS!

Briercrest Christian Academy Highlights

How did you end up at BCA? I went to college for a youth and counseling degree. I hated teenagers but it looked like the most fun way to just get a degree. After being a youth sponsor (with teens) and then working at camp for years (again with teens), we moved to Caronport to work in the provincial office of CSSM. I got a job with the local doctors office and then one day I was told they were looking for an EA in math/science in the high school. By this time, it was clear that teens were and are my favorite people on earth, so I applied and accepted the job. 

What is your role at BCA? I am an EA in mostly Maths and Sciences. 

How long have you been on staff? I have been on staff for about ten years. 

Favorite Memory about your job at BCA: I guess you could say my favorite memory was watching my own kids go through high school here and being fortunate enough to be friends with their friends. I loved taking pics of all their sports too. 

What do you believe is the most important thing about your job? The most important thing about my job is the relationships I can build. It’s about the hours after school helping with homework, or baking, or doing dorm visits with cinnamon buns. It’s about watching movies, asking hard questions, talking about life, and telling kids you believe in them. It’s about so much more than academics. 

VIDEO: Explore how discipleship and academics work together at Briercrest Christian Academy.

How have you seen students' lives changed as they encounter God at BCA? God is definitely at work at BCA. I’ve seen kids show up as insecure, untrusting youth and leave as confident, caring, “ready to change the world” individuals. Ones that enter our doors saying “there is no God” go through a process of saying "well maybe there is something more” to accepting God‘s free gift of salvation before they leave this place. I love seeing kids challenging their own belief system in a place they are safe to do that.

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Shayla Alexander

Shayla Alexander is an alumna of Briercrest Christian Academy who returned to BCA as a teacher after completing her Bachelors of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. Her high school experience at BCA was marked by caring teachers, life-long friendships, and dorm dance parties. As both a Teacher and interim Recruitment Representative, her goal is to help young people have the same great high school experience she had.