Alumni Survey

As an alum, one of the ways you can continue to be part of what Briercrest offers to students is by completing our Alumni Survey! This survey is sent to our Bachelor of Arts (BA) graduates approximately six months, two years, five years, and 10 years after their graduation. The Alumni Survey is an opportunity to provide us with important data and feedback to inform assessments, strategies, and decisions.

It is our hope and prayer that the Lord will continue to transform and impact lives through Briercrest, both here in Caronport and in every place where our alumni are present. Join us in praying to this end and take a moment to check out the survey results!

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Here are some comments from the survey:

The faculty genuinely care for your well-being and have a professional relationship that promotes learning and openly asking questions.

What's been most satisfying is learning from professors who are brilliant and can teach the material in clear, engaging, and understandable ways.

The professors really promote in-class discussion and I thrive off of that. The level of the engagement the professors show in their material encourages me to also have a deep level of engagement.

I've gotten to know many wonderful people and learn from both teachers and students. Faculty members were very open to answering questions and clarifying expectations so that I could do the best work possible and learn as much as I could from them.

Getting the chance to come together with a small group of believers to intensively study the Word while doing activities that we all have a passion for is really cool!

Briercrest has an environment like none I've ever experienced. It gives you endless opportunities to grow and endless opportunities to help others grow within the school and in the community.

The most satisfying thing about Briercrest is that I can study in an environment that encourages me in a healthy relationship with God and others. It gives me a chance to make friendships and relationships with those who have the same values as me.

I met a lot of professors who truly cared about their students. They taught us with great dignity and respect. I appreciate all of the faculty members that I took classes with. I will continue to keep in touch with some of the ones I connected with.

My experience at Briercrest exceeded getting an education. My heart and mind were transformed as I met God in the classrooms, the dorms, and chapel. I never anticipated seeing God so clearly through my studies.

Most satisfying: the support and encouragement from the staff, faculty, and students that can only be achieved in this particular learning community.

Most disappointing: that it took me so long to find this place.