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I recently I had the privilege of being a guest podcaster on the Global Missions Podcast from SEND International. In looking at Daniel, I shared 3 timeless missions principles of Old Testament figure who emerged as leaders with incredible influence.  I wanted to share this podcast with you as well.



  • Worship

    What is God looking for in worship?

    President Michael Pawelke exhorts us to sincere, biblical worship in response to the revelation of God.

  • Beyond Consumers

    Biblical greatness is not found in position or authority; it is found in selfless, even sacrificial service. Jesus was not asking us to see people like consumers, he was asking us to be observant to present needs as well as to deeper, hidden needs.

  • Briercrest President Michael Pawelke

    Thank you for your support

    Donor generosity touches every aspect of life at Briercrest, and we are committed as an institution to stewarding these gifts well. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and in your gifts.

  • What is leadership?

    What is leadership? Who is a leader? Michael Pawelke explores biblical leadership and the vision to "inspire leaders to equip the Church and engage the world."

  • Sharing our faith

    Sharing our faith in our cultural context today is tricky business as it is perhaps the most politically incorrect thing we can do. And yet, we have a message of hope and life and we have to share it.

  • God wants to be together with us

    At Christmas, people want to be together—enjoying a meal, making cookies, decorating the tree, or sipping hot chocolate by a fire. Just being together generates joy.

  • Briercrest President Michael Pawelke

    He must increase, but I must decrease

    Failure will visit us all and from time to time and so will success. John the Baptist knew the excitement and elixir of seeing people get their lives right with God. But as Jesus' ministry gained momentum, John soon becoming yesterday's story.

  • Serve the Lord with energy

    As students arrive on campus this week lets welcome them with joy, introduce them to others with warmth, orientate them with enthusiasm, engage them during their time here at Briercrest with fervor, and pour God's Word into them with spiritual passio

  • Are you growing, changing, clothing yourself with virtue, and becoming more like Christ?

    Change appears to take place when there is a dynamic cooperation between the human (our choices) and the divine (God giving us supernatural ability).

  • Institutional Impact

    A look at our impact from the 2015-16 school year.

All of my professors really know the Bible and have had a huge impact on my life by showing me how to humbly engage the text and let it have weight on my soul.
Jeremy Holsworth (College)