COVID-19 Update: September 29

Posted: September 29, 2020

Briercrest Christian Academy, College, and Seminary has no new cases of COVID-19 to report. There are no active cases on campus at this time.

Proactive campus health guidelines continue to be successful

We continue to monitor students and staff for symptoms through a daily health tracking and notification system.

Measures in place for ongoing student care

Briercrest continues to work closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to maintain proper health and safety protocols. We continue to monitor students and staff for symptoms through a daily health tracking and notification system. All students on campus have signed waivers indicating that they will adhere to Briercrest’s health guidelines, including daily health screening, the wearing of masks, and maintaining social distancing.

Testing policies and procedures

Any student displaying symptoms will be isolated until they either test positively and move to quarantine or receive a negative COVID-19 test result. 

For students needing to self-isolate, Briercrest has designated a dorm space that allows them to isolate comfortably and continue with their classes online. These students will also be included in the social aspects of life on campus digitally and through safe visits through windows.

Enrolment update

Our campus facilities can accommodate over 1,000 students, making it possible for us to host students on campus and in residences while preventing crowding.

The total number of students enroled in classes at Briercrest this year is 665, which is 2.5% down from last year with Briercrest Christian Academy being 9% down in enrolment from last year. Briercrest Seminary has experienced a 6% increase from this time last year with new students up 6% and returning students up 7%. This year's multiple intakes—5 semesters in the high school, 4 in the College, and continual points of entry in the Seminary—mean that this number can continue to grow throughout the year.

Campus updates

After three consecutive weeks with no new cases of COVID-19, we have introduced our first close contact groupings, called "families," on campus. This allows up to six students from the same hall or cohort to eat, travel, and hang out together without needing to social distance or wear masks.

We have also developed approved additional protocols for events like a carnival and Spikeball tournament. We are grateful for the collaboration and guidance of the SHA and the creativity of on-campus leaders working to keep our campus fun.

Weekly updates to follow

Briercrest plans to release a COVID-19 update weekly for the Fall semester.

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