Kaus and Krueger recognized for 20 years of service

Posted: February 28, 2011

By Julie Cole

Photo by Rob Schellenberg.

Photo by Rob Schellenberg.

1990 was an important year.

In that momentous year Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Hubble space craft was launched into orbit, and Bob Krueger and Wilbert Kaus began working at Briercrest.

Twenty years later, while space technology and Great Britain’s political affairs have greatly changed, Bob Krueger and Wilbert Kaus still work at Briercrest.

That kind of faithfulness deserves a reward.

In Jan. both men were honoured at the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Dinner for their 20 years of service at Briercrest.

Merrill Dyck, VP of Finance, spoke of Kaus’ excellence as Briercrest’s financial controller.

“When you sit in my chair and have someone who has that kind of faithfulness and excellence, it’s beyond thank you.”

Wayne Durksen, Briercrest’s VP of Development, described Krueger, the associate VP of Development, as loyal, dependable, and faithful.

“Not one single day have I been disappointed by Bob.” Durksen insisted.

The initial decision to come to Briercrest 20 years ago was a huge transition for both men.

Bob Krueger was working in the family farm business and teaching applied agriculture at the local community college in Brandon, Manitoba. He and his wife Elsie felt God prompting a change, which led to Krueger applying to Briercrest Graduate School.

“We packed up everything we had in a Ryder Truck,” Krueger recalled. “Along with our two kids Alyssa, who was in Grade 3, and Andrew, who was five yrs. old and ready to start kindergarten.”

Before his move to Briercrest, Kaus had been working at a credit union as a financial controller.

“It was a good job, with good pay, good hours, and probably a good future,” Kaus said.

Even with this great job, however, Kaus became restless inside. After a time of soul searching, he decided to go to Briercrest to study the Bible.

“There’s a verse in Psalms that really spoke to me,” Kaus said with a smile. “It says, ‘Thy Word is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.’”

Even though education initially drew both men to Briercrest, they both stayed after their degree programs were finished as employees of the school. Over the two decades they have served at Briercrest, both have filled several positions.

Krueger’s first position was as an intern. He was appointed the pastoral ministries coordinator when Caronport Community Church was the campus church. After two years as an intern the job became full time and Krueger continued in the position for six more years.

Before landing in his current position in the development office, Krueger also started and directed the human resources department of Briercrest for eight years.

Kaus began his employment at Briercrest as the assistant financial controller. After holding that position for seven years, he was promoted to his current position.

The job is a true fit for Kaus.

“I love my work,” he beamed. “Working with numbers, debits and credits and financial statements-- it’s one of the few things in life that actually makes sense to me!”

Both men are resolute in their appreciation of Briercrest.

“I like the people here,” Kaus said. “They are quality, committed, dedicated people. I’m here because I’ve been called to be here. I know that without question.”

“People sometimes ask, ‘Why are you still at Briercrest?’” Krueger said. “I tell them that this is a place where God transforms lives.”