Beloved CHS teacher David Frostad retires after 30 years

Posted: June 23, 2010

David Frostad teaches Jessica Chan (left) and Stephanie Beutler (right). Photo by Rob Schellenberg.
David Frostad, a teacher and vice-principal at Caronport High School, is retiring after 30 years of service. June 23 was his last day of classes.

Deborah Ike, CHS's principal, read a tribute to Frostad at CHS graduation ceremonies June 13:

"The story of our school has three important parts—the past, the present, and the future," Ike said. "You’ve just heard a little about the past, and soon we’ll hear from our valedictorian, who, as the representative of your graduating class, is the voice of the future. But I’d like to pause for a moment in the present and acknowledge one very special man’s contribution. Just as we honoured Mr. Guenter’s 35-year service to CHS last evening with a tribute and a standing ovation, we will now honour Mr. David Frostad who has, for the past 30 years, shaped the story of Caronport High School in ways that will have a profound impact well into the future.

"Mrs. Frostad, would you kindly take your rightful place beside Mr. Frostad as we thank you both.

"Thirty years ago, a young man who looked almost identical to the Mr. Frostad we know today joined the teaching staff at Caronport High School. It was 1980. And since then, it seems, he has at one time or another, taught almost all of the courses we offer at CHS. From Christian Ethics to Computer Science, from Information Processing to CAD, from Math to Psychology, French, Welding, Shop, Metalwork, Mechanics, Choir, and Band, Mr. Frostad has been a tireless advocate of a full and meaningful education. Chances are good that if you are an alumnus of CHS, you had Mr. Frostad as a teacher for at least one class during your high school career, but chances are better that you had him as a teacher for many of your classes.

"And then there is his administrative expertise. David is a master of making things that seem logistically impossible possible. Although he claims that he was originally made vice-principal years ago because there was a need for somebody who had the technical know-how to run a Commodore 64, we all know that it was that computer savvy that made him such a perfect choice for the position, but that it was also so much more. So much more heart, so much more soul, and so much more mind.

In so very many ways, Mr. Frostad has been the heart of Caronport High School for the last three decades.

"In so very many ways, Mr. Frostad has been the heart of Caronport High School for the last three decades. When David first joined the staff, he and Adeline virtually—and sometimes literally—lived at the school, often eating meals together in the then new Home Ec. wing. And why did they do that? Because they were so immersed in supporting the welfare of our school. Over the years, Mr. Frostad has coached and managed some of our soccer, volleyball, and hockey teams. He has worked tirelessly on three musicals for our annual Dessert Theatre productions; performances were sold out for Honk, Just So, and this year’s Fiddler on the Roof. He has organized and led our Tour Choir for 29 of his 30 years in our school. And the one year when he didn’t lead Tour Choir, he wasn’t taking a break—he was on the road, travelling with his family, promoting the school. Mr. Frostad makes the Energizer Bunny look lethargic. When he retires at the end of this school year, it is his intention to go back to school and take more courses.

"When we celebrated Mr. Guenter last evening, I observed with great respect that he is a true Renaissance man. And when I consider Mr. Frostad, a similar observation is unavoidable; he, too, is an academic, an artist, and a sportsman. He has an acute mind: he teaches and he is also teachable; he instructs music, and he is, himself, a talented vocal musician; and he coaches sports—and he still gets on his own skates at every available opportunity.

"Often when I’m at my desk, I’ll hear his beautiful voice rising in song from the office next door as he previews music for one performance or another. But his greatest passion, his “raison d’etre” in our context, has been his beloved Tour Choir; his heart has been to see each student recognize, develop, and use the gifts bestowed by our creator. Ultimately, it is this soul that distinguishes him among men. When he hears our students sing, and when he is reminded of those he led to Christ through the power of a story told through song, he knows that he made the right decision thirty years ago to join a young teaching staff in a small town called Caronport."