CHS alum Jon Bryant's "deaf" chosen for iTunes Single of the Week

Posted: December 21, 2009

Jon Bryant records Two Coasts for Comfort in the studio.
Photo by Melissa Wiberg (2009).
When he recorded four rough tracks in a home studio in January 2009, Jon Bryant (CHS ’04) never thought his music would go international. But his newly released single, “deaf,” is being featured as the iTunes Single of the Week from December 29-January 5—a spot that could easily have gone to the likes of Norah Jones or Sting.

“We’re blown away to get this kind of exposure,” says Jordan Wiberg (CHS ’01), a friend of Jon’s who engineered, mixed, and produced the album. Both he and Jon were amazed when their single was chosen.

“God opened that door for sure!” says Jon.

After laying down the four tracks, Jon posted the audio to MySpace and sent the link to Jordan, who works in a post-production studio in Calgary. He was simply sharing his music with a friend—but Jordan took one listen and knew immediately he wanted to work with Jon to record the songs professionally.

They had no budget, but Jordan had free access to a studio on evenings and weekends, so over the course of several months, they recorded Two Coasts for Comfort, an 11-track album that Jon describes as acoustic folk/pop. (Think John Mayer or Jack Johnson. ) They released it (independently) in October.

Jon Bryant.
Photo by Kayla Maclellan (2009).
The album is a memoir of the last four years of relationships, friendships, and the work of God in Jon’s life as he’s traveled from one end of the continent to the other. It was a long process of writing, erasing, and rewriting in pubs and coffee shops.

When people ask whether the album is “Christian,” “I never really know how to answer,” Jon says. “What makes music ‘Christian’?”

“I just want people to see God in a different way and not the typical way,” he continues. “I’m just a guy who wrote music, and I have a relationship with a God who loves me and I want people to know that. I’m not preaching, but I want people to accept it and understand it and want to know more.”

Both Jon and Jordan, who met at Caronport High School, credit some of their musical success to their time at CHS—Jon in particular, saying that singing in Caronport High School’s choir is what jump-started his singing. “I was never able to sing in front of people until Mr. Frostad gave me a solo,” he says. “I’m so thankful.”

Currently, Jon is studying illustration in Halifax (all of the art on the album is his) as he promotes Two Coasts for Comfort and prepares to shoot a music video in January. Jordan will produce and direct the video.