Korey Reimer: Brazil-bound

Posted: November 19, 2009

By Amy Robertson

Korey Reimer.
Korey Reimer is in his third year of the Global Studies program, and he's telling me about his passion for the country of Brazil. He's also telling me that God has taught him a few things since he got here more than two years ago—specifically, that he's always faithful.

From the time Korey first arrived here, he struggled with trusting in God's leading. He was working on an A.A. in Biblical Studies, but it didn't feel right. He didn't have the money to pay for it—and why was he so strangely drawn to the country of Brazil, anyway? He'd never really thought about missions before coming to Briercrest College and Seminary. It was something that other, better-qualified people did.

At the end of his first year here, Korey decided he was done—his program wasn't resonating, and his money had run out. It was time to go. Two things changed his mind: One, he was offered an R.A. position on his hall—and it was intriguing. Him, a leader?

Two, after just one summer of tree-planting, he was promoted to foreman. "That's unheard of," says Korey. It would pay far more than what he'd been making—more than enough to pay for a second year at Briercrest.

He was back that fall.

Korey was set to finish is A.A. this December, thinking he really was done, but God changed Korey's mind again—this time through our annual 2819 Mission Conference. "Jean Barsness [one of the keynote speakers] really spoke to me," he says.

God is teaching me how to fully trust in him.
After Jean shared her story of sacrifice, faith, and provision on the mission field, Korey was floored. He'd been drawn to Brazil, but after a weekend of hearing from speakers and mission reps, he was convinced that God specialized in equipping un-qualified people to serve him on the mission field—and Korey would be no exception. He was going to Brazil.

After 2819, Korey signed on for the Global Studies program, which will mean three more semesters of school—but he doesn't worry anymore. "God is teaching me how to fully trust in him," he says. "I need to let go of everything and not worry about problems that come my way. Ultimately, what it comes down to is what God wants."