Student government hosts first annual leadership summit

Posted: November 12, 2009

Student leadership summit participants Nov. 7.
Photo by Viktor Karklins.
Briercrest College and Seminary's student government hosted what it hopes will be its first annual student leadership summit on campus last weekend.

Student government representatives from Nipawin Bible College (Nipawin, Sask.), Ambrose University College (Calgary, Alta.), and Prarie Bible Institute (Three Hills, Alta.) joined our student government for a weekend of refreshment, encouragement, and empowerment.

Adam Driscoll (student body president ’06-’08) spoke about the challenge of leading leaders. He encouraged the student-leaders to have a clear picture of what the Lord is calling them to and “commit everything” to that.

David Catterick and Keith Molberg led a seminar on discerning the spiritual climate on a college campus.

“This summit has taught me that we as student leaders in various schools have much to learn from one another,” said John Ottens, our college student body presidential assistant. “Each governing board boasted a distinct set of strengths, and each was dealing with a distinct set of problems. In listening to the other schools share about how they run things on their campuses, I found myself intrigued by certain ideas that had never occurred to me.”

Our student government decided to host the summit after spending a weekend with the student leadership of Prairie Bible Institute in March of 2009. It was “so fruitful,” said Anthony Henderson, our college student body president, that he felt they needed to do it again.

Student government hopes to form an association that will allow student leadership from different colleges to meet annually for a leadership summit, work together, and encourage one another throughout the school year.