Team Black triumphs at Briercrest Olympics

Posted: September 10, 2009

Reporting by Erin Riley, current student

Team Black reigned supreme over the defending champions, Team Pink, at last Saturday’s Briercrest Olympics, taking home the much-coveted Slurpee Cup.

Black, made up of students clad in black from Sundbo Place, Eliason Manor, and student households, secured the victory by earning the most points at various stations that involved feats like hot dog eating, van pushing, ping pong ball passing, and mattress surfing. They also created an energetic team cheer.

Erin Riley, student government’s director of student activities, described Black’s victory as a “huge feat,” saying the team’s turnout in past years had been poor.

Teams Green, Black, and Pink vy for the Slurpee Cup by performing team cheers on September 5.
Photos by Viktor Karklins.

Teams Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Purple, and Yellow were made up of students from Caronport High School and the other college dorms.

“This was a great way to begin the year!” said Riley.