1st BCS exchange students leave for Russia

Posted: August 17, 2009

Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.
A new foreign exchange program has Briercrest College and Seminary Humanities students Justin Wollf, Adam Berg, Kevin Schur, Brennon Patterson, John Bird, and Johannah Bird leaving August 18 from Toronto for St. Petersburg, Russia, to spend a semester studying Russian culture, language, literature, history, and fine art at St. Petersburg Christian University.

“I’ve always wanted to travel, and this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to go to another culture,” says Johannah Bird, who was also part of Briercrest’s Israel study tour in May.

As part of their studies, the university has arranged for the students to travel to a handful of other Russian cities.

“I’m interested to … make some Russian friends and see some historic stuff,” says Kevin Schur. “Art galleries, architecture—seeing where [Russian author] Dostoyevsky hung out!”

Each of their courses, which they will take in English, will transfer into Briercrest’s Humanities program.