BCS qualifies for first federal grant in its history

Posted: June 30, 2009

The Canadian government has made history by giving Briercrest College and Seminary its first-ever federal grant. The $51,000 will help fund a new roof for the academic complex.

Ray Boughen presents $51,000 cheque to Dwayne Uglem June 29.
Briercrest College and Seminary has always been privately funded, so for the school’s leadership, the grant represents a significant milestone in the relationship between the institution and the government.

“This was totally unexpected; it represents a wonderful first,” said Dwayne Uglem, president of BCS. “When the federal government steps in like this and helps to sustain this enterprise, it allows us to serve our students better, it represents an investment in our 1000 students, and it represents an investment in our local economy.”

Ray Boughen, the MP for the Palliser Region in Saskatchewan, presented the cheque to Uglem Monday, June 29, 2009.

“We certainly appreciate the work that’s been done at the school,” said Boughen after the presentation. “We need to support the schools that don’t have access to public funding.... There’s a responsibility of the general public to support all universities and institutions of higher learning. We have to be a part of that support system.”

The grant is part of a $117 million renovation program for post-secondary institutions. Federal and provincial governments have partnered in a two-year, $2 billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program designed to create jobs for technical workers and tradespeople.

Briercrest College and Seminary is one of 21 Saskatchewan institutions receiving funding from this project, including the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina and SIAST. Projects will begin almost immediately.