Student government puts justice into action

Posted: April 7, 2009

By Erin Schullman, current student

Day of PrayerBriercrest College and Seminary’s student government has been working to stir up passion for justice in students this semester. They hosted three justice-oriented campus events in February: Day of Prayer February 3, justice chapel February 24, and Day of Action February 27.

According to Keltie Davidson, student government’s administrative assistant, their inspiration comes from the student body theme verse for the year, Micah 6:8. It says, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy ..."

Davidson said the events were meant to “help students broaden their understanding of injustice in the world” and “urge them to live lives of servanthood.”

During Day of Prayer, students were invited to participate in corporate worship and “rejuvenation of the spirit.”

Natasha Munn, a student, said, “I saw justice to mean so much to me [during Day of Prayer]. Not to get justice for myself, but to exercise it and exhibit grace in my actions.”

During justice chapel, Professor Brian Gobbett and Laura Trapper, a student, spoke about Aboriginal issues. Professor David Guretzki spoke about abortion in Canada, and Professor Tim Stabell told students about the political situation in the Congo, where war and war crimes have been plaguing the people since the mid-nineties.

During the chapel service, student government took up an offering for the Fistula Foundation, which helps Congolese women who have been victims of war and sexual crimes and have suffered severe childbirth complications. They collected $1551.26.

Day of ActionMany students who were present at Day of Prayer and justice chapel also participated in Day of Action. They went to Moose Jaw and to Regina to help organizations such as Joe’s Place, a drop-in centre; Riverside Church, where Moose Jaw’s needy can find food, clothing, and shelter; the Blue Mantle Thrift Shop, a second-hand store; Soul’s Harbour Soup Kitchen; and the Regina Lutheran Home, a senior citizens’ residence. Nearly one hundred students moved furniture, visited the elderly, played music for children, and sorted and organized clothing.

Davidson said she hopes to see students’ newfound passion for justice continue: “It is my hope that as we speak and live we are able to encourage those around us to seek justice and continue to do this when they leave for the summer.”