Briercrest and SIAST work together

Posted: June 16, 2008

SIAST Briercrest College and Seminary and SIAST recently reached a transfer credit agreement that provides recognition of selected business courses at each institution.

Through the five-year agreement, SIAST will recognize 13 credits from the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program at Briercrest College as equivalent to the SIAST Business certificate program, which is the admission requirement for SIAST Business diploma programs. This allows Briercrest College and Seminary students who have successfully completed one or more of the defined courses to use these courses toward the admission requirements for SIAST diploma programs in accountancy, administration, human resources, financial services, or marketing. The reciprocal agreement also allows SIAST Business Certificate students to transfer their credits to the Business Administration program at Briercrest College.

“One of the key issues facing Canada’s post-secondary education sector is credit mobility. SIAST and Briercrest College and Seminary are making a commitment to eliminate unnecessary barriers to education and enable students to equip themselves attractively for entering the workforce upon graduation,” says Dan MacKay, Dean of SIAST Business and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Danny Gamache, Instructor of Business Studies at Briercrest College and Seminary, agrees. “The SIAST/ Briercrest agreement makes it easier for students to advance their education locally,” he says. “Briercrest students are able to easily move to SIAST and complete a business diploma. SIAST business diploma graduates are able to transfer to Briercrest and complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in only a couple of years. The agreement between Briercrest College and Seminary and SIAST makes it easier for both types of students.”