TWU's Lori Peters to join Briercrest faculty

Posted: June 4, 2008

LoriPetersBriercrest athletes are getting excited about the changes in the Athletics Department—new coaches, a new director, and even a new arena—and now they can get excited about a new faculty member who is one of their own. This fall, Trinity Western University’s Lori Peters will take her place as the faculty’s newest academic adviser and its newest expert in physical wellness and human kinetics.

Along with an M.Sc. in Physical Education, she’ll bring with her a wealth of experience as a seasoned teacher and coach—she’s spent five years in the classroom and ten years behind a basketball bench, and she’s no stranger to Briercrest. She was a college student and a Clipper basketball player in the 80’s, and she later returned (with her husband, Stan, who will also be joining the Briercrest staff as the new Director of Athletics) to coach Clipper women’s basketball.

The family relocated to Langley, BC, in 1999, and in 2002, Lori began teaching sport specific and fitness activity courses at TWU’s School of Human Kinetics. She’s looking forward to bringing what she’s learned back to Briercrest. "We loved our experience working here from '87-'99 and believe in the vision that Drs. Uglem and Olmstead have shared with us," she says. "The college has continued to grow and develop since we left…and I look forward to using my education and life experiences in the classroom and in one-on-one situations as an adviser."

In addition to the richness she’ll add to the faculty team, according to Dr. Wes Olmstead, Briercrest’s VP of Academics, she’ll also be a great asset and "another godly mentor" for students, something that Peters is wholeheartedly on board with. "This was such an important place of growth for me as a young adult, and I hope that I can encourage and mentor as many students as possible during their time at Briercrest," she says. "I have experience as a Briercrest student, staff member, coach, wife, mom, and now faculty member, so I trust I can support a broad range of students and colleagues from those learning opportunities."

This was such an important place of growth for me as a young adult, and I hope that I can encourage and mentor as many students as possible during their time at Briercrest.
She’s also excited about contributing uniquely to the lives of female students, who are looking forward to having another woman join the faculty. "I…hope to bring a female perspective to issues and support for female students who would like to receive that from an 'older woman,' for which I now fully qualify," says Peters with a smile.

Jessie Vanderheide, an upperclassman in the Humanities program, testifies to the importance of this: "I think that it is critically important for Briercrest to continue hiring female professors," she says. "As a female upperclassman, it's becoming increasingly important to me to have female academic input in my life…Even in their short time here for interviews, I have noticed the impression and inspiration that female academics have left on students here. [They] bring a different dynamic to the classroom, and I am excitedly anticipating the fresh perspective that professors like Lori will bring to studies and to life here."

Peters’ term will begin on August 1, 2008.