Alumnus gives $250,000 to campaign

Posted: March 27, 2008

Several people have given generous donations to the Future InFocus campaign. One of these individuals is Everret Wills, an alumnus of our high school and college, and owner of Banvil 2000, a successful company based in Milton, ON, that manufactures fan and lighting products. With his gift of $250,000, Everret has acted on two of his key convictions: that his business is not his alone and that Briercrest is worth the investment.

"My business belongs to the Lord and I am blessing him by giving what he has blessed and entrusted me with. The fulfillment is making a difference in this world; the real rewards are in heaven," he said.

"The four years I attended Briercrest gave me the foundation for my life. If you believe this generation needs to be grounded in the word of God, then Briercrest is the institution you need to get behind and support.

"The Lord expects the best, and training our youth for the Lordís work requires the best facilities and staff available. The impact of training our youth is enormous--the number of lives I can touch through this school will multiply over and over again in many parts of the earth. I did not go into full-time service or to the mission field, but by supporting Briercrest I can be a part of many who do."