Briercrest College and Seminary publically launches Future InFocus campaign

Posted: February 11, 2008

istory was made on Friday, February 8, 2008, as Briercrest launched the Future InFocus campaign, the largest campaign in the schools’ history. A crowd of several hundred people came out to see the campaign unveiled--a much larger number than anyone expected.

“This is a wonderful day because we stand here celebrating both our past and our future. Seventy-two years have gone into the making of this day,” said President Dwayne Uglem as he and Dr. John Barkman, one of our former presidents and campaign chairman, unveiled the campaign to the crowd.

This was a very exciting day for the dozens of jersey-clad hockey players who attended the launch (Caronport High School Cougars and Briercrest College Clippers), as a sod turning ceremony for the new hockey arena took place after the launch event. Construction on the arena will begin soon and teams hope to play in the new rink as early as this fall.

“In order to be a great school, [Briercrest College and Seminary] needs the financial stability that will allow it to move forward,” said Dr. Uglem. The cost of education is rising dramatically and the school has several important needs that would go unmet without this campaign.

“We’ve been overwhelmed as we’ve seen our donors commit an amazing amount of money,” said Dr. Barkman. “The hardest part [will be] to finish.”

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