Live Out Loud – Youth Quake ’08

Posted: October 26, 2007

YouthQuake Kickoff 2007 The wait is over. On October 17, the details of Youth Quake 2008 were unveiled to a very eager and energetic crowd of students, staff, visitors, and community residents. The night began with the traditional YQ Kickoff skit. Through the witty punch lines and hilarious antics of the cast, the audience was reminded to live out the calling they have been given by God. This provided an appropriate backdrop for the unveiling of the theme for YQ ’08.

After the skit, YQ Director Kevin Fawcett, together with YQ interns Natalie Rutherford and AJ Crocker, took the stage and began by revealing the central theme shaping all that will happen at YQ. This year’s event will be centered on the theme “Live Out Loud,” an invitation to live out the call to follow Jesus. This invitation is lived out as the church spreads the gospel to the world. At YQ ’07, four youth groups were given money to impact the world as part of the Join the Freefall challenge. Gary Adduono, a member of the group from Sioux Lookout, ON, (and now a student at Briercrest) was invited to share what their group had done with the $4,000 they received. Together with the support of their community, the group was able to raise a total of $50,000 toward the purchase of fire equipment for a poor community in Mexico. YQ ’08 is reissuing the challenge to “Join the Freefall” by once again offering up to $8,000 to youth groups desiring to Live Out Loud by making a difference for Christ in their communities and their world.

All the special guests invited to YQ ’08 share this same desire. Kevin Fawcett said, “Our focus is on the message God has given us this year and we want our concert, along with all other aspects of the weekend, to support that message.” Visit for a list of all our guests for YQ ’08.