TESOL internship students in China

Posted: October 22, 2007

TESOL Internship Students in China Eight TESOL students, along with two faculty members, travelled to a university in north-east China for six weeks this summer to complete an internship designed to give these students experience teaching English in an overseas context. The students spent their time preparing for classes, teaching, and living and spending time with Chinese roommates in the university dormitory.

“The Briercrest TESOL students were amazing teachers! The university we were working at has volunteers every summer who come to help teach summer classes. One of the Chinese students told the director of the English office that she just had a volunteer teach her English last summer, but this year she had a real teacher. The students at the university could tell that the Briercrest team was well trained in TESOL. That is a great compliment since, for almost all of our students, this was their first major teaching experience. Every person on the team put a lot of thought into their lesson planning and the activities they used to teach their students, and the Chinese students thought they were great teachers because of it!”