Refined/Undignified takes on England

Posted: October 22, 2007

Refined/Undignified Takes on England Refined/Undignified, a hip hop team made up of 11 Briercrest students, travelled to England this summer to use their ministry to bring the Good News to the younger generation. The group spent most of the trip at Twynholm Baptist Church in London, and also travelled to Devon for Creation Festival where they were able to encourage many people and show them what God can do with a little talent and a heart for him.

“Some members of the team personally led three people to Christ. More people rededicated their lives over the course of the trip, and one girl even got baptized while we were there, wanting us to be a part of it.

The body of Christ was truly united throughout this trip and all were equal in working with one purpose for God. Our trip was full of fun times just hanging out as a team, coming together in prayer, hanging out with kids, supporting each other in times of need, and loving those we met.”