Dr. Jean Barsness finally gets answers

Posted: September 14, 2007

Dr. Jean Barsness Over thirty years after the death of her husband Gil, Dr. Jean Barsness, an alumnus and former faculty member of Briercrest, has finally received answers as to why Gil was killed on the mission field in Panama in 1974. Jean learned the truth during a recent trip to Panama and her story is recounted in the article Hands of Time, published by Avant. In the article, author Chris Lewis writes, “The truth would thaw a Cold War mystery—revealing that Gil was killed not by accident, but as a martyr targeted by a communist spy who'd infiltrated a Bible study.”

After serving in Panama for 19 years, Gil’s death ushered in a whole new season of ministry for Jean. She came to school at Briercrest and then served on faculty from 1976 until 1997, teaching in the department of Intercultural Studies. She now resides in Calgary, Alberta, and remains actively involved as a missions consultant, serving on a variety of boards and speaking at numerous retreats and conferences.

You can read Jean and Gil’s story at http://www.avantministries.org/handsoftime