Women's Volleyball Head Coach

Posted: May 31, 2024


Our Vision as Briercrest College, Seminary, and Academy is to Educate Disciples, Equip the Church, and Engage our World. We cherish, embrace, and live by Biblical virtues where Christian character matters; however, we have identified the following behaviors as significant, organizational culture-shaping practices given our present internal ethos and external realties. We are:

  • Boldly Christian – Christ-centered, Bible-anchored, and ministry-focused
  • Purposefully Developing Leaders – Educating, inspiring, and empowering
  • Conscientiously Serving – Observant, active, and caring
  • Intentionally Collaborating – Cooperative, communicative, and synergistic
  • Continuously Innovating – Creative, adaptive, and responsive

The Core Focus of Briercrest Athletics includes Our Passion and Our Niche, which aligns with the overall Vision of Briercrest, and guides us in making our unique contribution to it.

Our Passion is: Transforming lives towards their God-intended purpose.
Our Niche is: Using the pursuit of athletic championships in our unique Briercrest training ground to:

  • Grow disciples of Jesus
  • Form leaders of character
  • Inspire graduates
  • Develop skills for sport and life

The Core Values of Briercrest Athletics, which align with the Core Values of Briercrest College, Seminary and Academy, are:

  • Kingdom-Focused – Our identity is continually rooted deeper in Christ
  • Servant Hearted – Confident in Christ to serve God and others
  • Learner – Chooses to be a forever learner
  • Competitor – Relentless, tenacious, and motivated by love
  • Disciplined – Unwavering commitment to building championship habits for life

The Volleyball Head Coach will have a desire to grow in and live out our Core Values, while providing leadership to student-athletes to empower them to grow in living out our Core Values. They will plan and execute strategies and methods, in collaboration with the rest of the Briercrest Athletic Department, to carry out our Core Focus within the Women’s Volleyball Program.
This is a full-time salary position, based out of the Athletic Department. The position has a yearly rhythm of requiring a much higher time commitment during the season from August through Mid-April, when the program runs their summer sports camp, and when the team is in-season on campus. There is a lower time commitment from Mid-April through July, with July generally being a good opportunity for scheduling holidays. The head coach should expect to put in upwards of 55-60 hours per week in-season, with the opportunity to slow down to 20-25 hours per week from Mid-April through July, to continue to recruit and prepare well, amidst rejuvenating from the season. 

This position posting will expire on Friday, June 14. Don't delay in applying if you are interested!


  1. A desire and commitment to be a follower of Jesus Christ as a way of life.
  2. Committed to continual growth in our Core Values and carrying out our Core Focus.
  3. An appreciation of post-secondary education and an understanding of the academic demands on our student athletes.
  4. College/University/Pro/Provincial Team/National Team coaching experience or relevant playing experience is required.
  5. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field is preferred.
  6. Has completed or is completing appropriate NCCP certifications and any required coach education or training for being a Head Volleyball Coach in the ACAC and/or CCAA.
  7. Able to utilize technology effectively – including stats programs, video analysis and social media.
  8. Possesses, or can readily learn the administrative, technical, and financial skills needed to be successful in the role.
  9. Is innovative and collaborative in their approach to carrying out all of the desired outcomes below.


Collaborative and Productive Teamwork: They will be responsible to positively contribute to Briercrest Athletics through planning and decisions that align with our Core Values, and actions that intentionally carry out our Core Focus, while reflecting our Core Values. They will be expected to be a collaborative and productive team member of Briercrest Athletics and Briercrest College, Seminary and Academy, who manages internal and external relationships well, by executing and growing in these valued competencies and commitments:

Being open-minded and growth-oriented:

  • Being willing to name real issues as they arise and be a part of solutions.
  • Seeking what is best for whole department and institution (not just their program)  
  • Proving to be dependable (get done what they say they will get done or communicate if there is an issue as soon as they know)
  • Demonstrating that they are trustworthy. 
  • Communicating clearly and confidently
  • Commitment to practicing vulnerability to share their challenges and ask good questions in areas where they are unsure.
  • Receiving feedback and listening well
  • Attendance and active engagement at Briercrest Employee Huddles, Employee Events and General Faculty Meetings
  • Attendance and active engagement at scheduled Athletic Department Meetings (regular or as required)
  • Engaging in regular individual meetings with supervisor as scheduled
  • Work collaboratively with the Athletic Department which can include taking on aspects of Athletic Department projects or initiatives that are assigned beyond regular responsibilities.
  • Working with supervisor to plan and pursue participation on an ACAC committee.
  • Adhering to Briercrest and Athletic Department policies in planning, decisions, communication, and action
  • Participation in regular staff evaluations as directed and have a posture to receive feedback for coaching and mentoring toward continual growth.

Develop and Retain Student-Athletes: This includes intentionally developing your student-athletes in all areas of our Core Focus: effective discipleship, character formation, leadership development (for team leaders and all team members), inspiring academic excellence, and growing skills for life. This includes the expectation to work with the Department assigned role (person oversees the department chaplaincy programs), to have a chaplain in place who will plan and execute the approved chaplaincy program with the student-athletes. It includes working with and/or bringing in experts in other fields to introduce and train student-athletes in life skills. It also includes building relationships with athletes for retention, and the regular evaluation of how each athlete in the program is growing in our Core Values and reaching more of their potential with our Core Focus.

Recruit New Student-Athletes: selling our Briercrest & Briercrest Athletics product (Core Values & Core Focus) and individual team experience to attract the right recruits in filling the team roster each year. It includes developing and growing a recruiting pool that leads to signing student-athletes and awarding athletic scholarship to those that:

  • Desire to grow in and live out our Core Values
  • Get our Core Focus and want to work together to have it fulfilled in their lives
  • Commit to living by Briercrest’s Student Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Have the talent, skills, and potential to help the team compete for championships

Performance Management: Wise macro and micro season planning, along with effective daily planning and implementation of training, teaching, and coaching to empower athletes towards top performance in areas such as: nutrition, strength and conditioning, skill development (technical, tactical, physical, mental, emotional), systems implementation and development, and rest and recovery. It also includes regular measurement through team and individual scorecards to track progress of team and individual performance, along with assessment of coaching, training, and teaching methods.

Create & Execute Effective Game Strategies: includes knowing your team's strengths and weaknesses really well and what strategies and systems to use to give your team the best chance to out-score your opponent, and to compete for championships. It also involves doing diligent homework and scouting on upcoming opponents to use strategies and systems to minimize their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses. It also includes the art of making in-game adjustments based on statistical data and observations during each competition, including effective use of time-outs and intermissions. There is an important element of empowering players through training to make the best decisions they can in the flow of the game.

Develop and Manage Program Budget: The head coach will be empowered to operate as the Budget Manager for their program which includes being responsible for all of the following:

  • Having a clear understanding of what the college is providing for the team budget and how to manage their budget monthly and annually
  • Having an approved plan for how to use those funds wisely
  • Being accountable to keep budget on track through monthly tracking and reconciling of expenses and submitting team credit card statements with receipts
  • Growing the team budget through fundraising, donations, sponsorships, and potentially adding external programming (camps, skill training sessions, etc.) or internal programing to fund pre-approved expenses outside of the given budget amount (these expenses need to be pre-approved in the yearly budget plan)

Engage Alumni: A top priority for the head coach will be to develop and/or continue to grow an alumni committee made up of key alumni of their program.  We believe that the engagement of our alumni is vital to the health of the school and athletic department.  This will include working with the guidance of the athletic department leadership to empower that alumni committee to foster ongoing relationships with fellow alumni to encourage their involvement in the following ways:

  • Becoming an alumni committee member
  • Donations to their program and/or school
  • Mentorship of current players
  • Participating on a prayer team for the program
  • Coaching Briercrest Club teams or at Briercrest Camps
  • Referring recruits to the program and/or school
  • Hiring graduates or helping them find jobs; Hiring current Briercrest students for summer employment or helping them find summer jobs
  • Attending and engaging in alumni events
  • Engaged with other Briercrest, Briercrest Athletics, or department-approved program initiatives.

Develop, Expand & Oversee External/Internal Programming:  There is opportunity to develop, expand, and oversee department-approved external program offerings, that align with our Core Focus and Core Values, for Volleyball players outside of the college program.

  1. External programs could include Camps, Small Group/Individual Training, Spring/Summer Mini-Leagues, etc. This includes the planning and administering and running of at least one weeklong overnight girls volleyball camp at the determined time each July or August.  They currently run 3 camps.
  2. Internal could include developing an Academy Program. This includes being a Mentor coach for the coaches involved in the External/Internal Programing and for the Programs Assistant coaches who will direct and execute the External/Internal program coordinator as those roles develop or grow.

Personal & Professional Development: Engaging in education, personal habits & key activities to grow as a:

  • Disciple of Jesus – growing in love for Him & obedience to Him (includes things like: daily personal time with God, accountability partnership/group, local Church attendance and involvement, engage with a spiritual mentor)
  • Transformational Leader of character (includes growing in our Core Values & will include working through "Transformational Coach/Leader Curriculum" as it is developed)
  • Professional coach (training, clinics, NCCP certifications/PD points, engaging with mentor coaches, and working towards Master’s degree if applicable)
  • Forever learner through on-going education, research, dialoguing with other experts in your field and other fields, etc.
  • Healthy individual with holistic life priorities that will provide sustained energy for the coach to meet the ongoing demands of the role, while being able to model what that looks like for the student-athletes. This includes things like:
  • Establishing and maintaining a regular weekly rhythm of Sabbath rest and a yearly rhythm of rest and rejuvenation in the off-season
  • Healthy nutrition and sleep habits
  • Regular patterns of weekly exercise


This position will report to the Athletic Director.
This position will supervise any program assistant coaches or staff
This position will work with the Athletic Department staff and other coaches in the department.

**All employees of Briercrest College and Seminary are required to sign and adhere to our Institutional Covenant.

**Please send all resumes to hr@briercrest.ca.