Theological Education in the Church with Cody Matchett

Posted: April 15, 2024

Does theological education belong in the academy or the church? As we consider clergy shortages across the country, will our traditional structures of ministry training be sufficient to fulfill this need? In this episode, we talk with Cody Matchett about how his church is seeking to bring theological education to its members. We also discuss the future of ministry formation, emerging generations, and his recent book, "Revelation for the Rest of Us," which he co-authored with Scot McKnight. Cody works with First Assembly and Tehillah Monday in Calgary. For more information, visit Cody's book is available on Amazon.

In the pre-show, Rob, Dan, and Geoff discuss the failures of Punxsutawney Phil and consider placing wagers on the weather. They also talk about ministry priorities in the post-Easter season. For more information about the podcast, visit For questions or inquiries, please email us: If you like what you hear, please share this podcast with others, give us a review, or leave a comment.