Director of Campus Operations

Posted: February 2, 2024


The primary responsibility of the Director of Campus Operations is overseeing the campus and facilities where Briercrest College and Seminary (BCS) pursues its mission. The Director provides central leadership for facility care and development, property management and campus safety.


  • Agreement to live within the Briercrest Institutional Covenant and align with themission, vision, and values of Briercrest College and Seminary
  • A strong understanding and whole-hearted support of the mission of BCS
  • Significant leadership experience or equivalent in the field of facilities management
  • Project management experience
  • Ability to manage multiple projects in different stages simultaneously
  • The ability to work independently, showing initiative and willingness to takeappropriate risks
  • The ability to lead and work within a team
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Administrative skills necessary for daily operation and planning
  • Continual personal development in all areas of facilities process & practice
  • Ability to work well with technology to achieve desired outcomes


  • Provide primary leadership to the Campus Operations departments, which care forthe physical holdings of BCS, by building a well-functioning team whose goalscontribute to the success of BCS. These departments include Campus Operations,Transportation, Housing and Custodial/Campus Safety.
  • Coordinate (or delegate) the work done by the Campus Operations department,including carpentry, electrical, plumbing and heating, grounds & mechanical work.
  • Prepare and manage the Campus Operations, and other budgets.
  • Carry primary responsibility for the care, maintenance, development and wise useof the institution’s buildings and grounds, other than sports fields.
  • Oversee all functions related to the institution’s campus and facilities, in dialogue with institutional leaders, in areas such as:
    • Campus master plan
    • Operational assessment and planning
    • Facility use, cleaning, maintenance and improvement
    • Campus security and safety including occupational health and safety
    • Quality of the physical environment especially as related to education
    • Cooperation and coordination with local government regarding planning and community development
    • Ensure compliance with current government regulations and standards
  • Be a resource to institutional leadership in matters of facility management and risk.


  • A quality physical campus that supports and enhances the primary educationalmission of Briercrest College and Seminary.
  • A strategic approach to the use of campus resources that is practical, widelyunderstood and supported.
  • Lead a Campus Operations team that shares a vision and shared responsibility forbeing an efficient and effective department
  • A proactive approach to safety and risk management that demonstrates diligencewith the goal of a safe environment for students, employees, and campus visitors.


  • This position reports to the Chief Financial Officer
  • This position provides oversight to the Campus Operations team
  • Works collaboratively with internal departments and external partners/vendors


To apply, please email a cover letter, résumé/CV, and the names of three references to the Human Resources office at

Applications will be received until February 23, 2024

All employees of Briercrest College and Seminary are required to sign and adhere to our Institutional Covenant.