Health Care Worker (Casual)

Posted: September 13, 2021


The Health Care Worker position is a key support for assessing and addressing medical situations for the students of Briercrest Christian Academy and College. Health Services is administratively linked to the Briercrest Student Development department.

Note: This is a casual position


  • Agreement to live within the Briercrest Institutional Covenant and align with the mission, vision, and values of Briercrest College and Seminary
  • Licensed professional nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) preferred
  • Must be highly motivated, responsible, and able to work independently
  • High level of ability to work and participate in team environment
  • Skills in administration, organization, and interpersonal relationships


  • To work with Student Development staff in the assessment and determination of appropriate response to sick students.
  • To do a basic initial assessment of the severity of a given situation. (For example, are the symptoms explainable due to seasonal allergies or environmental reasons such as the student pulling an all-nighter.)
  • Determine next steps for a sick student. (e.g., calling 811, self-isolation and monitoring, move into quarantine, etc.)
  • Provide a daily phone or in-person check-in with sick student(s).
  • Administer, review, evaluate and if necessary, adapt the “Sick Student Process”
  • Actively maintain relationships with Student Development team members for the purpose of support and consultation throughout the year.
  • Work with Student Development staff to coordinate meal delivery for students in isolation or quarantine.
  • Work with Student Development staff to coordinate with Custodial to arrange cleaning of the sick student’s dorm room and/or quarantine room


  • The Health Care Worker reports to the Dean of Students
  • Part of the Student Development team.


Applicants should submit a cover letter, résumé/CV, names of three references and any specified documents by email to the Human Resources office at

All employees of Briercrest College and Seminary are required to sign and adhere to our Institutional Covenant. Please review the covenant prior to submitting your application.