Social Media & Content Coordinator

Posted: May 12, 2021


The Marketing and Communications department is dedicated to engaging all external audiences of Briercrest College and Seminary in a way that builds trust in the mission and values of the brand. The primary goal of this department is to connect external people to what God is doing on this campus.

The Social Media & Content Coordinator is a marketing position designed to promote the Briercrest brand to prospective students and alumni. This position will be primarily tasked with social media content creation and management as well as creative content development for other digital media such as blogs, news articles, and website copy.


  • Agreement to live within the Briercrest Institutional Covenant and align with the mission, vision, and values of Briercrest College and Seminary
  • A passionate supporter of the education and community experience offered by Briercrest
  • A willingness to learn, adapt, and remain teachable within an atmosphere of change
  • The ability to work independently, and within a team, showing initiative and a willingness to take risks
  • Strong understanding of and interest in various social media platforms
  • Working understanding of content marketing
  • Exceptional writing, proofreading, and editing skills with a strong attention to detail (English fluency required)
  • Demonstrated writing experience in editorial, business, and/or other promotional contexts
  • Strong ability to adapt one's writing to suit different voices and contexts
  • Excellent time management skills with an ability to juggle multiple priorities


Social Media

  • Create, post, and manage social media content regularly for primary channels
  • Conduct ongoing market research for social media trends and best practices
  • Develop strategic social media marketing campaigns tailored to prospective student audiences for the purpose of increasing brand trust and generating new prospects
  • Review performance analytics of social media channels to optimize engagement
  • Work with external vendors during creative development
  • Train and resource other staff in the use of social media for tertiary channels
  • Help expand the audience and reach of the Briercrest brand on social media platforms

Content Development

  • Produce copy across a variety of marketing channels, including website written content, blog articles, social media content, brochures, etc.
  • Compose news articles for events and developments related to the Briercrest community
  • Deliver meaningful and persuasive business-to-customer copy that aligns with the overall brand and company strategy, converting prospects to leads
  • Compose and edit website copy following specific guidelines for SEO
  • Work collaboratively with content creators, designers, and other departments to develop creative for all marketing channels
  • Own all stages of the content development process, from ideation to final delivery
  • Maintain consistent brand voice throughout all marketing projects


  • Train and manage student workers to contribute to content creation and management for the Marketing Department
  • Develop plans for the student worker to grow in both competency and quality of work
  • Identify talent within the student body and hire based on departmental need for the school year
  • Periodically evaluate the performance of the student worker and provide comprehensive feedback


  • Reports to the Director of Marketing
  • Works alongside other Marketing team members
  • Provides oversight to one or more part-time student workers
  • Works interdepartmentally to obtain and update content
  • May work with external contractors to develop campaign materials


Applicants should submit a cover letter, résumé/CV, names of three references and any specified documents by email to the Human Resources office at

All employees of Briercrest College and Seminary are required to sign and adhere to the Institutional Covenant.  Please review the covenant prior to submitting your application.