Hockey night in Caronport

Posted: October 11, 2019
Blayd Anholt

Fifth-year player Blayd Anholt (College) is anticipating one last year as a Briercrest student athlete this fall.

The BA Business Management student was first drawn to Briercrest after seeing the impact it had on his siblings—playing hockey was an added bonus. Joining a program that valued more than just wins piqued his interest and has continued to shape his Briercrest experience.

"We try to honour God through how we play and carry ourselves," he said, noting that after Friday night home games the team invites opponents to share a meal and to hear testimony from Briercrest players. This tradition, called "FICA," was adopted in the 90's after the Clippers' overseas mission trip to Sweden. The Clippers, with new head coach Brad Cole and assistant coach Matt Melo, are hosting their home opener this weekend.