Hockey defeats SAIT

Posted: February 26, 2019
Photo by Keira Applegate

The Briercrest Clippers faceoff against the SAIT Trojans for the second game of the weekend, Saturday afternoon at Barkman Arena. SAIT took the 5-1 win over Briercrest Friday night and Briercrest is looking to win todays game to try to move up one in the standings and clinch a playoff spot!

The 1st period started with both SAIT and Briercrest showing up to play, SAIT #10 Colton McCarthy is able to sink one in the net at 4:36 into the period— assisted to #7 John Flatters and #4 Brady Reagan, leading 1-0. Briercrest is quick to follow and ties things up at 9:23, scored by #11 Sam Lawson, assisted to #18 Josh Boelema and #24 Jake Gushue. Briercrest takes the lead at 14:49; goal scored by #18 Josh Boelema, assisted by #15 Dawson Atamancuk and#11 Sam Lawson. SAIT #26 Owen LaClare takes a 2-minute roughing penalty at 18:53. The first period concludes with Briercrest leading 2-1,17-9 in favour of SAIT.

The 2ndperiod starts with SAIT short-handed, Briercrest isn't able to extend the lead, but they are able to draw a penalty at 1:41— #19 Zach McNeill, 2-minutes for tripping. Briercrest extends the lead at 5:58, scored by #7 Josh Mitton, assisted by #19 Josiah Friesen and #13 Ben Feere; Briercrest is leading SAIT 3-1. Briercrest #21 Cale Kindrachuk takes a 2- minute kneeing penalty at 8:04, Briercrest really dominating in their penalty kill this weekend, is able to hold their lead over SAIT. Briercrest receives a 2-minute tripping penalty on #10 Trey Doell at 13:01, they kill off that penalty ask well. Back to even strength, and SAIT is able to sink a goal at 16:55, scored by #10 Colton McCarthy, assisted to number #19 Zach McNeill and #4 Brady Reagan, SAIT closes the gap and makes it 3-2. It's not long after that Briercrest goes back onto penalty kill at 17:41— #18 Josh Boelema, 2-minutes for high sticking. SAIT takes a penalty late in the 2ndperiod, and looks to be starting the 3rdperiod short-handed; 2-minute hooking penalty on #10 Colton McCarthy at 19:04

The 3rd period started with SAIT yet again short-handed, and gave Briercrest a power play opportunity to extend there lead at 0:50— scored by #5 Halen Cordoni, assisted by #15 Dawson Atamanchuk and #11 Sam Lawson. Both teams are then handed out penalties at 2:45; Briercrest player #10 Trey Doell, 2-minutes for cross checking and SAIT player #4 Brady Reagan 2-minutes for unsportsmanlike and a 10- minute misconduct penalty. Briercrest receives the next penalty at 10:09, 2-minutes for holding on #14 Austin Kozluk. Briercrest continues the streak of penalty kills and gets back to even, but unfortunately SAIT closes the gap at 15:26, scored by #16 Eric Krienke, assisted to #12 Kurtis Rutledge and #15 Rock Ruschkowski. SAIT makes a last ditch effort to tie things up at 2:12 and pull the goalie, #30 Jordan Cartney, unfortunately Briercrest dominates defensive and holds them off, drawing a last minute penalty at 19:08 on SAIT player #9 Matt Houston, 2-minutes for roughing. The 3rd period concludes with Briercrest taking the win 4-3, shots on goal 59-22 in favour of Briercrest.

Briercrest player of the game, with one goal, one assist and a tremendous game all weekend, goes to #18 Josh Boelema:"[Briercrest] didn't let up on the offence and kept pushing [SAIT] and [Briercrest] didn't let [SAIT] in on the defence, took away [SAIT's] chances". Player of the game for SAIT with two goals #10 Colton McCarthy.