Rattlers win in close match

Posted: February 5, 2019
Photo by Cheryl Kozun

The Briercrest Clippers faced the Medicine Hat Rattlers for their rematch in a tight knit game, the Rattlers coming off with a win, the score was 82-96.

The start of the first quarter was quite a game, both teams proving showing their strengths resulting in a 27-27 score to end of the quarter. The ball went through both teams moving back and forth on the court, both teams playing solid basketball. Big team efforts from both teams in this intense first half.  The half ended with a 47-48 lead for the Rattlers.

Starting off the third quarter the Clippers were struggling to keep up with the Rattlers. The score in the quarter alone being 8-32. Big contributor to the success for the Rattlers was #8 Jamal Slack scoring 32 points and 6 rebounds so far in the game. The quarter finished at 55-80 for the Rattlers.

The Clippers looked to ignite a fire for the fourth quarter and did exactly that. Outscoring the Rattlers 27-16, unfortunately for the Clippers this wouldn't cut it and fell short 82-96 to the Rattlers. 

Player of the game for the Clippers was #9 Shane Foster with 20 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks in a great game for the Clippers.