Hockey loses to NAIT in second game

Posted: January 22, 2019
Photo by Cheryl Kozun

The Briercrest Clippers faced off against the NAIT Ooks for the second matchup of the weekend on Saturday afternoon at Barkman Arena. Briercrest taking the 2-1 win over NAIT Friday evening.

              The 1st period started with NAIT flying out of the gates hot and scoring at 1:20; goal by #2, assisted by #13 Tyler Robertson. Briercrest working hard to tie things up but NAIT is able to extend the lead at 3:47 with a goal by #16 Jarid Hauptman assisted by #21 Brayden Harris and #18 Jake Mykitiuk. First penalty of the game goes to NAIT player #20 Devon McAndrews, 2 minutes for slashing. Briercrest tries to use this power play opportunity but NAIT is able to dominate and keep possession to kill the penalty off. NAIT scores yet again at 9:12— scored by #20 Devon McAndrew, assisted to #25 Dylan Stewart and #8 Jesse Roach, making it 3-0 for NAIT. Briercrest received a 2-minute boarding call on player #14 Austin Kozluk at 11:29, and another penalty at 16:40 on #44 David Hooper 2 minutes for holding. Giving NAIT player #13 Tyler Robertson a power play opportunity to score at 17:29, assisted #21 Brayden Harris and #18 Jake Mykituk . NAIT receives two penalties before the end of the 1st period; #8 Jesse Roach for crosschecking and #27 Jordan Davis for hooking. The 1st concludes 4-0 for NAIT, shots on goal 12-6 in favour of NAIT.

              The 2nd period started with NAIT on the penalty kill. NAIT is able to kill off the penalty and sinks another goal in the net at 8:57— scored by #2 Austin Pickford, assisted to #26 Shane Fraser and #12 Ryan Piche. They are able to score a sixth goal at 10:08, scored by #21 Brayden Harris and #20 Devon McAndrews. Briercrest and NAIT get coincidental penalties at 13:52, Briercrest #14 Austin Kozluk, 2 minutes for roughing, and #2 Austin Pickford, 2 minutes for covering the puck with his hand, #2 Austin Pickford also receives a 4-minute sportsman’s like at 13:52. NAIT gets a short handed goal at 16:02, scored by #13 Tyler Robertson, assisted by #16 Jarid Hauftman and another goal at 18:05, scored by #12 Ryan Piche, assisted by #23 Matt Dykstra and #22 Connor Vermeulen. NAIT sinks another goal quickly at 18:21 scored by #21 Brayden Harris, unassisted. Briercrest gets a penalty late in the period at 19:11, 2 minutes for high-sticking on #15 Dawson Atamanchuk. The 2nd period concludes with NAIT leading 9-0, shots on goal 19 for NAIT and 16 for Briercrest.

              The 3rd period begins with Briercrest on the penalty kill, and quickly after getting back to full strength, Briercrest gets a 2-minute elbowing penalty on #11 Sam Lawson at 2:30. NAIT uses the power play opportunity and scores at 4:14, #10 Tanner Dunkle assisted by #5 Curtis Roach. Briercrest receives a 2-minute roughing penalty at 3:35 to player #21 Cale Kindrachuk, and NAIT receives a 2-minute roughing penalty at 6:41 to #20 Devon McAndrews. NAIT scores five more goals in the 3rd period; #26 Shane Fraser scores unassisted at 9:27, #16 Jarid Hauftman assisted by #18 Jake Mykituk and #12 Ryan Piche at 12:32, #21 Brayden Harris scores assisted by #18 Jake Mykituk and #22 Connor Vermeulum at 15:24, at 16:40 #10 Tanner Dunkle scores assisted by #13 Tyler Robertson and #17 Brandon Ralph, and the last goal was scored quickly after that at 16:53 by #13 Tyler Robertson and assisted by #10 Tanner Dunkle. Both Briercrest and NAIT receive roughing penalties at 13:24, Briercrest #11 Sam Lawson and NAIT#26 Shane Fraser. Briercrest is able to get a last minute goal at 19:35 and close the gap a touch; scored by #14 Austin Kozluk, assisted by #16 Adrian Nicholas and #28 Blayd Anholt. The 3rd period concludes 15-1 for NAIT with shots on goal 53-18 in favour of NAIT.

              Player of the game for the NAIT Ooks, with three goals and two assists #21 Brayden Harris and for the Briercrest Clippers with one assist #28 Blayd Anholt. When Briercrest player of the game #28 Blayd Anholt was asked about what happened in [Saturday’s] game versus Friday night, he said “[NAIT] made adjustments to the way [Briercrest] was attacking [Friday], [Briercrest] didn’t clean up the d-zone compared to [Friday]”, he added that [Briercrest] would try to regroup and be prepared for the upcoming game against Portage College Voyagers.