Men's Hockey Welcomes Jordan Cheechoo to their Coaching Staff

Posted: June 20, 2018

Briercrest Athletics is proud to announce the hiring of Jordan Cheechoo as the men’s hockey assistant coach. 

Cheechoo, who is originally from Moose Factory, Ontario will be bringing his experience as both a player and coach to the team this coming season. Cheechoo had previously played for Briercrest during the 2015-2016 season and volunteered as an assistant coach the past 2 years. In addition, he also served as a community life leader with Briercrest where he helped to plan community events and chapels. 

Head coach Jamie Ramer says, “I am very excited to have Jordan join our staff this season. We have worked very well together in the past and I know we will only be able to build on that moving forward. He brings with him a ton of experience in the game both as a player, as a coach and just his exposure to all levels of the game. I am looking forward to learning lots working with him this season.” 

Coming from a family of hockey players where his dad, uncles and siblings all played, it wasn’t difficult for Cheechoo to find his passion for the sport at an early age. Cheechoo’s brother Jonathan played in the NHL for the San Jose Sharks and Ottawa Senators and also received the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy in 2006. 

Cheechoo’s hockey career brought him to the junior level where he played five seasons, but unfortunately was forced to quit for a period of time in 2009 due to shoulder surgery. After taking the 2009-10 season off to recover from surgery Cheechoo had an unexpected coaching opportunity with the Cree Nation Bears Midget AA team in northern Quebec, which ultimately began his coaching career. While he never thought about pursuing a path in coaching, Cheechoo sees how God was guiding him in this direction. During his 3 years as assistant coach for the Cree Nation Bears (2011-2014), Cheechoo says he learned a lot from the experience and while he admits it was difficult at times, overall, he enjoyed the experience and keeps in touch with his players. Moreover, Cheechoo’s glad he made the decision to take the coaching position because it was here that he gave his life to Christ and met his wife Katarina who he credits for bringing him closer to God. Cheechoo’s time in Quebec was “a great experience as I met a lot of very nice people and it started me along the path of coaching hockey.” 

After coaching the Cree Nation Bears, Cheechoo and Katarina wanted to attend bible college and felt God leading them to Briercrest College. Cheechoo recently graduated with a BA in Business and hopes to use his degree as a ministry, he believes that careers and ministering to the community should not be separate. His wife Katarina is also completing her final year of school, she will be graduating with a BA in Biblical Studies next spring. Katarina also played for Briercrest’s women’s softball team the past two years, but will take the season off to focus on school. 

With the start of the hockey season only a few months away, Cheechoo is looking forward to being fully committed to the team this year as an assistant coach. Now that he has graduated from school, it will allow him to focus more on the team. In addition, Cheechoo hopes that his own leadership experiences as an athlete will help contribute to the guys on the leadership team this year. Cheechoo saw “how coach Ramer treated the players not just on the ice but off as well, especially leading them towards Christ. I really care about the guys and want to see them grow in sports and their faith. In the past, I cared more about the sport, but now I have an appreciation for helping players in their walk with Christ as well.” Ramer says,“beyond his love for the hockey, Jordan also has a passion for his faith in Jesus and has a heart to see players grow in what it means to follow Him with their lives and as men and I know our guys will appreciate his leadership on many levels.”

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