In the Community: Briercrest Athletics host Elementary Day with CES

Posted: September 15, 2017

Last Friday Briercrest student-athletes finished their first week of school by spending the morning in the Caronport community. Athletes from both the varsity and junior varsity teams along with their coaches, spent the morning organizing activities and games with Caronport Elementary School. Caronport students ranging from grades 1 through 8 and over a hundred student-athletes took part in the day.

Since the growth in athletic programs over the past year, it gave a chance for each student to spend the morning with an athlete one-on-one. So, after a brief introduction with their athlete in the classroom, the teams headed to the fields where the CES students showed off their skills with games such as Stones, Bucket Ball and relay races. Briercrest Athletic Direct Nigel Mullen said, “it was amazing to see the college students interacting with the elementary school students. I believe this is a great day for the college and elementary school students because they both get impacted with this kind of day…the college students get to be kids again and see the impact that they can have and to give back to someone that looks up to them. While the elementary kids get to have college students hang out and invest time with them in a way that is very unique in today’s world.”

This is not the first time CES and Briercrest have partnered together to host the Elementary Day between the students and athletes. CES and Briercrest have been intentional about bringing the community and Briercrest together over the years. Overall, Nigel and the teachers at CES have seen the value in hosting these days with the students from both schools and they hope to encourage their students to give back to their communities in the future. As Nigel Mullen said, “I am thankful for this opportunity and I am proud of how our athletes show care, concern and a genuine interest in a day like this. I look forward to continuing on with this event with the elementary school in our community.”