Broncos stampede their way to first YQ weekend win

Posted: February 17, 2017

Streams full of unidentified guests trickled through the less-busy streets of Caronport for Youth Quake, a youth convention with a goal of reaching youth with the gospel message, as the Briercrest ladies took the court for their 1st weekend game, which ended in a 52-40 defeat against the Old’s College Bronco’s.

The 1st quarter low-score defeat for Briercrest started off with less enthusiasm from the crowd than usual, considering it was a Friday night. Old’s College scored the first basket taking the scoreboard to a quick lead of 2-0. Karis Fawcett, proved to be a successor for Briercrest shooting the first basket for Briercrest transforming the low scoreboard to 2-2. Later on, the 24-second clock in the Bronco’s end counted down…10, 9, 8, and 7, as the crowed yelled out the numbers to alarm Old’s of their in-play time limit. Eventually, the scoreboard paused with 45.9 second left and a score of 11-9, which was the first quarter score with Old’s in the lead.

The 2nd quarter started off with little points gained for both teams, as Briercrest couldn’t sink a basket and the Bronco’s raised their scoreboard by only 7 points resulting in a double- scoreboard lead of 16-9. Eventually, Briercrest scored a couple points, but the Bronco’s continued to lead this game and the 2nd quarter with a leading score of 24-13. In this quarter, Briercrest had a few good plays, but the Bronco’s seemed to have an advantage over Briercrest resulting in a 2nd quarter lead for the Bronco’s with a score of 24-15.

The 3rd quarter started off with a crowd that was double the size as YQ guests flooded in from the ending of an event. Olds started off in possession, but Briercrest soon gained possession, they threw up a basket and it sent the significantly larger crowd into loud cheers resulting in a score of 26-17. Both teams continued to battle on, Briercrest tried to hold their ground, but eventually they surrendered their ground to the Bronco’s who stampeded forward successfully sinking more baskets. Bronco’s extended their lead to 37-25.

The 4th quarter comeback for Briercrest, which ended in defeat, started off with a final chance for Briercrest to turn the game around, as they hung behind by only 12 points. In this quarter, Briercrest fought hard, they greatly improved their game, they tailed the Bronco’s disadvantaged only by three baskets, and they gained more points then every other quarter. It was a true come-back. However, the Bronco’s continued to increase in points also, and -- although the Bronco’s increased less in points -- Briercrest efforts fell short. Olds won the game with a final score of 52-40.

The player of the game for Briercrest was Emile Peters with 10 points, 1 steal, 2 assists and 10 rebounds.

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