Men respond to Olds with victory

Posted: February 17, 2017

The 1st YQ weekend game for the Briercrest men’s basketball team started off with strong efforts from Briercrest who defeated the Olds College Bronco’s with a final score of 75-66.
The 1st quarter started off in the hands of the Bronco’s, who won the toss up and who recently defeated the Briercrest ladies in their 1st weekend game match. Bronco’s led with a 3-point advantage until Briercrest’s own proponent, Ethan Da Silva, tactfully implemented impressive moves down center court, which led to Briercrest’s first 2-points on the scoreboard. After 3-minutes, the scoreboard read 6-2, for the advantage of the Bronco’s. Ben Kornelsen threw down a massive slam dunk transforming the scoreboard to 6-4, and both teams equalized the scoreboard near the end. The 1st quarter ended with a 1st quarter draw of 19-19.

The 2nd quarter started off with enthusiasm from both teams. Briercrest especially improved their game scoring the first point and shortly after taking the lead with a leading score of 24-21. In this quarter, Briercrest was clearly the stronger team and Ethan Da Silva, the lead scorer in this quarter, successfully continued to command his team in the execution of strong plays, which led to the advancement of Briercrest in this quarter. In the end, Briercrest snuck ahead for the 2nd quarter breaking the draw of the 1st quarter and leading at half time with a score of 41-27.

The 3rd quarter started off with Bronco efforts dominating Briercrest efforts, which came to a shock, since Briercrest seemed to gradually improve each quarter. Despite, early-on 3-quarter Bronco success, Briercrest managed to put a few points up on the scoreboard, but later on- success came to Briercrest as they rediscovered their game rhythm leading with a 3rd quarter lead of 58-50.

The 4th quarter started off similarly to the 3rd quarter – in favor of the Bronco’s -- who scored the first few points. Following 3rd quarter tradition, Bronco’s rose to success again in the 4th quarter, as Briercrest lost their game rhythm and Bronco’s cheered loud in favor of Briercrest loss of rhythm. Eventually, Briercrest got back on beat, switched game tactics and began taking leadership of the game with a leading score of 68-59. But Bronco efforts hung with Briercrest efforts resulting in a better quarter for the Bronco’s. But, will it be enough? The audience wasn’t sure, as they hung on the edge of hard wood seats with unsure predictions of the outcome of the final quarter. The game was close, but…in the end, Briercrest won with a final game score of 75-66.

The player of the game for Briercrest this time around was clearly, Ethan Da Silva with, a team high 19 points to go with 3 steals, 8 assists and a game high 12 rebounds.

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