SAIT tries to spoil Sam Zacharias's record setting day

Posted: February 11, 2017

After a tribute honoring the passing of Saskatchewan Volleyball Association’s Referee Coordinator Dennis Pomeroy, the second home-game of the weekend against the Trojans eventually was under way beginning with a lot less energy than Friday’s game. Briercrest played hard, but the Trojans broke their defensive line and took the win with a 3-1 set win on Saturday, February 11th.

The 1st set victory win for Briercrest started off in possession of the Trojans. They served the ball in and were instantly awarded one point for their efforts, which took the score to 1-0 for the Trojans. Not long in, Briercrest took the lead with a leading score of, 4-2, but Briercrest’s reign didn’t last long as the Trojans marched ahead with a score of 9-8. In this set, both teams played well, and both teams were able to keep putting points on the scoreboard, but Briercrest took the win with a final score of 25-19 as Ashley Zacharias scored the final set point.

The 2nd set defeat for Briercrest commenced with the Trojans taking the lead again. This moved them to a leading score of 1-0. After that, both teams began to exchange point-for-point until the Trojans advanced ahead with a leading score of 5-3. The Trojans continued to lead the pace of the game leading with a score of 16-13. Briercrest played hard in this set, and Samantha Zacharias had a great serve, but Briercrest was behind by 3 to 5 points most of the game until they tied the game with a tie score of 21-21. Eventually, the Trojans won the set with a score of 25-23.

The 3rd set defeat for Briercrest started off in the same game pattern as the last two. Trojans led with a 1-0 lead, then the ladies equalized and tied the game at 2-2. After a two-way battle for victory, both teams continued to play well, but the Trojans continued to advanced ahead in the 3rd set with a leading score of 18-11.  Part way through the second set Samantha Zacharias got her 1,000th kill of her ACAC career. She is the first Briercrest player and the third ever ACAC women’s volleyball player to reach this mark. Eventually, the Trojans won with a final score of 25-17. 

The 4th set defeat for Briercrest didn’t break game tradition either, as the Trojans started off in the advantage for the 4th set in a row. They led with a 2-point advantage that took the scoreboard to 2-0. But like most sets, Briercrest gained a few points and equalized the 2-point advantage. Eventually, the Trojans took the lead again leading with a score of 13-7. In this set, Briercrest played hard, but the Trojans dominated the game right from the start. Briercrest almost caught up near the end, but Trojan power over-threw Briercrest’s defensive line proving to be 3-set winning champions with a final score of 25-20. Trojans won with a 3-1 set win.

The Player of the Game for Briercrest was Briercrest kill record holder Sam Zacharias with 1 block, 1 assist, 3 aces, 4 digs and a game high 21 kills.

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