Harms and Sawatzky lead Briercrest to victory as they're honoured on Seniors Night

Posted: February 10, 2017

The final home weekend of the season for Briercrest kicked off against the SAIT Trojans and started off with loud cheers and tons of energy from Briercrest supporters who wore yellow Briercrest shirts, sat together and showed their support for Briercrest.

The 1st set defeat for Briercrest started off for the advantage of Briercrest. In fact, they seemed to be the initial leaders of this game, but tides turned quick and the Trojans advanced ahead seeming to gain true leadership of the game with a score of 9-7. In this set, Briercrest looked stronger out of the gate, their supporters cheered loud for them and they had incredible support. Yet still, despite the odds, the Trojans pulled some tricks out of their sleeves half way through and eventually the Trojans advanced ahead winning the 1st set with a score of 25-15. 

The 2nd set started off with a powerful point made by Briercrest, which placed the first point on the scoreboard with a score of 1-0. As the set continued on, both teams put in equal effort, and both teams could have taken the win at the start. However, Briercrest ended up proving to be the better team in this set as they began to lead with a mid-set score of 12-7. Later on, the Trojans had an impressive comeback that kept the crowd in suspense, but it wasn’t enough to win the set. In the end, Briercrest won with a final score of 27-25.

The 3rd set fall for Briercrest started off with just as much energy as the 1st set, as both teams returned to decide who would be the victor. Although, both teams started fresh, the Trojans proved to be the starting victors as they led with a score of 3-0. Eventually, Briercrest put a point on the scoreboard, but the Trojans still remained in the lead with a leading score of 4-1 until Briercrest tied the game and pulled ahead with a lead score of 8-7. The tables turned in this game since Briercrest seemed stronger in the 2nd half of the 3rd set, but surprisingly the Trojans voyaged a surprise attack on Briercrest’s battle lines and advanced ahead in the end with a final score of 25-22.

The 4th set started off with players diving every which way on the Briercrest end of the court as the Trojans threw down a strong serve followed by several strong spikes. Briercrest had a good rally, but they couldn’t overcome the tactics of the Trojans in this rally battle, which ended in a 1-0 advantage for the Trojans. However, after Briercrest’s 4th start rally collapse both teams equalized and tied the scoreboard at 4-4, then Briercrest pulled ahead with a score of 6-5. Eventually Briercrest claimed 4th set victory 25-14. But, the 5th set would determine who was game victors.

The 5th tie-breaking set started off bad for Briercrest and it seemed like victory was far out of their reach in this set. The Trojans led with a 3-0 lead, but in the end, Briercrest won with a final score of 17-15 and a 3-2 set win.
The co-players of the game for Briercrest were their graduating player Brad Harms and Calvin Sawatzky, who were honoured by their parents and wives presenting them with the Players of the Game and a speech by head coach Nigel Mullan. Harms had 1 assist, 2 digs, 8 kills and a game high 4 blocks. Sawatzkynine kills, 2 service aces, 1 dig and a block. 

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