Queens take second win of ACAC Make Some Noise weekend

Posted: February 4, 2017

On the 2nd home game for Briercrest’s weekend of the ACAC wide RBC Make Some Noise for Mental Health campaign the game started off with loud cheers from the audience but soon left the Briercrest ladies without cheer, as they were defeated in their second game of the weekend with a final score of 82-52.

In the 1st quarter, Briercrest won the ball off the tip off, but they soon lost possession resulting in a 6-0 disadvantage within the first 2 minutes. Shortly after, Jill Ehman, a player for Briercrest, brought her moves to the court scoring the first point of the game for Briercrest, which brought the scoreboard to 6-2. Briercrest continued to rush the Red Deer Queen’s with fast plays, but the Queen’s remained queen and won the 1st quarter with a score of 22-10.

The 2nd quarter started off in an equalized battle for the 2nd quarter win as both teams failed to make a basket for the first 2 minutes. In this quarter, Briercrest improved immensely, and the Queens were forced to improve their game in order to keep up with Briercrest’s increase in energy. Eventually, the Red Deer Queens broke the stand-off raising their advantage by only one point with a foul shot that brought the score to 23-10. Seconds later, Briercrest raised their score by 2-points off a foul bringing the score to 23-12 for the Queens. Briercrest did better this quarter than all the other quarters, but the Queens advanced ahead with for their 2nd quarter win with a final score of 39-23.

The 3rd quarter defeat for Briercrest was underway when the Red Deer Queens proved their Queenly rule scoring the first basket of the 3rd quarter. But despite Red Deer’s strong tactics Briercrest had a strong response and took the Queen’s straight to their net and sunk a basket in return. Later on, Jill Ehman from Briercrest was taken off the court injured, and Briercrest worked hard to overcome the pressure of the Queen’s who continued to prove their queenship. In the end, the Queens extended their lead in the 3rd quarter with a leading score of 62-39.

The 4th quarter started off slow for Briercrest as the Queen’s zoomed ahead in points. This created a problem for the Briercrest ladies since they couldn’t get one basket in the Queen’s net, which posed a great disadvantage for Briercrest. Eventually, the Red Deer’s stronghold fell and Briercrest was able to infiltrate Queen’s defensive line putting a few points up on the scoreboard, but the Queen’s still ruled with a leading score of 82-52.
The Briercrest Player of the Game was Cassidy Babe with, 4 rebounds and a team high 12 points.

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