Briercrest loses second game of Make Some Noise weekend

Posted: February 4, 2017

Briercrest dropped their second game to Red Deer of the ACAC ‘Make Some Noise for Mental Health’ campaign, which was presented by RBC. Both teams played hard, but the Kings proved kingship once again.

The 1st quarter started off in advantage of the Kings who won the tip off and immediately forced the ball into the end of Briercrest. Briercrest countered their attack and immediately drove the Kings back to their end. Eventually, both teams scored a basket and tied the game with a tie score of 2-2. Briercrest continued to battle hard against the efforts of the king’s cavalry but the King’s continued to march their cavalry into victory ruling with a lead of 27-10.

The 2nd quarter battle between both kingdoms continued as the Red Deer Kings tactfully placed their troops on the court but Briercrest continued to lose ground and the Kings advanced their position with a leading score of 36-14. Both teams played well in this quarter, but the Kings played better. Later on nearing the end of the 2nd quarter, Ben Kornelsen showed his moves rising as a regular proponent for Briercrest. He had a monstrous slam dunk, which sent the crowd wild, and he sunk his final buzzer call foul shot taking the score to 31-57, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the power of King’s kingdom and Briercrest fell further behind the Kings with a halftime score of 57-31.

The 3rd quarter earlier on events consisted of another basket scored for the Kings, followed by nice moves by Ethan Da Silva who sunk a nice basket off a lay up then was foul and scored his foul shot bringing the scoreboard to 34-59. As the 3rd quarter went on Briercrest continued to lose ground, and the Kings marched further ahead towards 2nd game victory. Near the end, Brandon Tolentino shot a nice 3-point shot, Brennan Gardner was fouled twice and he sunk a few nice shots that took the scoreboard to a third quarter score of 91-52 for the advantage of the Kings.

The 4th quarter started off relatively slow for both teams as both teams rushed each other with strong plays in both team’s end, but both teams didn’t score many baskets until the Kings finally broke the double digits and advanced with a score of 100-61. Briercrest still determined to win this battle, continued to play hard but they seemed to continue to fall behind more and more. In this quarter both teams played well, but the Kings proved to be the kings winning both games at Briercrest’s home weekend ACAC ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign for Mental Health Awareness, which was presented by RBC. The Kings won with a final score of 107-66.
The Player of the Game for Briercrest was Ben Kornelsen with 2 blocks, 10 rebounds and 13 points

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