Women’s basketball falls in first night of ACAC Make Some Noise

Posted: February 3, 2017

On the first day of Briercrest’s weekend of the ACAC Make Some Noise for Mental Health campaign, presented by RBC, the Briercrest women’s basketball team had a close defeat to Red Deer College.
The 1st quarter for Briercrest started off in a strong possession for Briercrest as Abbi Klassen quickly transformed the scoreboard to 2-0 making the first leading point. The Briercrest ladies continued to hold strong possession and led the game for the first couple minutes until Red Deer brought their game to the court and caught up with a tie score of 5-5. Eventually, Briercrest fell behind and Red Deer advanced with a leading score of 12-7. In this quarter, Briercrest started off stronger, the crowd cheered loud for mental health awareness and both teams worked hard, but Red Deer proved to be enduring 1st quarter champions with a final score of 17-9.

The 2nd quarter Briercrest started off with strong commandership from Red Deer’s leadership, as Red Deer got the lead right off the start sinking the first basket. As the two teams continued to battle on for 2nd quarter victory, battle cries, loud cheers and drumrolls escaped the audience who continued to make beats on the benches with rattling instruments supporting the awareness of mental health. Not long in, Briercrest soon fell under the pressure of Red Deer’s tactics with a disadvantaged score of 25-10. The 2nd quarter ended with a beautiful 3-point shot by Cassidy Babe from Briercrest, but Red Deer put another basket away maintaining their leading score of 34-22.

The 3rd quarter started off in Red Deer’s possession. Red Deed looked strong, but their strength was challenged by Briercrest’s fast hands as, Abby Klassen intercepted the ball and put the first 3rd quarter score on the scoreboard for both teams taking the scoreboard to 34-24 for the advantage of Red Deer. Later on, Sophie Mayerle rose as a notable proponent for Briercrest, and both teams continued to advance exchanging basket-for-basket, but in the end, Red Deer proved to be the stronger team for the 3rd quarter in a row winning with a final score of, 49-39.

The 4th quarter started off better for Briercrest. Red Deer continued to lead with a score of 61-45, but Briercrest did significantly better in this quarter continuing to catch up one basket at a time. Red Deer had some good plays in this quarter, and they led strong, but Briercrest really brought their game this quarter, and just when it seemed like Briercrest had found their game rhythm the crowd yelled 5,4,3,2, 1, and the buzzer welcomed the well-deserved victors of Red Deer as the champions of this game with a final score of 66-57.
The player of the game for Briercrest was Abbi Klassen. She had 5 assists, 6 steals and 11 points.

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