Briercrest overcomes bite of the Rattlers for weekend sweep

Posted: January 28, 2017

The Briercrest women’s volleyball team returned Saturday for their home game victory win against the Medicine Hat Rattlers. Both teams played well, but Briercrest proved to be home-game victors.

The 1st set win for Briercrest started off in Briercrest’s possession, but soon changed possession into the powerful hands of the Rattlers. This change resulted in a disadvantaged score for Briercrest with a score of 2-0 for Medicine Hat. Not long after, Samantha Zacharias led Briercrest into the lead with a leading score of 6-4. The Rattlers continued to trail behind slowly advancing in points, but Briercrest continued to maintain the advantage with a leading score of, 21-13, which eventually led Briercrest to their 1st set victory with a final set score of 25-19.

The 2nd set for Briercrest soon fell under the strong bite of the Rattler’s poison. Briercrest started off with a tie score of 1-1, as both teams continued to battle on to determine who was worthy of 2nd game victory. But, the Rattlers marched ahead gaining game advantage with a leading score of 12-4. In this match the Rattlers began to command the game due to finding holes in Briercrest’s line of defense. This eventually led to Medicine Hat’s success. But Briercrest, hungry for second home-game victory of the weekend, strengthened their game taking the lead. Eventually Briercrest tactics fell under the bite of the Rattlers, poisoned by defeat they fell short and Medicine Hat re-gained their rhythm resulting in a final score of 26-24 for Medicine Hat.

The 3rd tie-breaking set started off in favor of the Medicine Hat Rattlers who led with a leading score of 3-2. But the Medicine Hat Rattlers game lead didn’t last long as Briercrest zoomed to 3rd-set advantage with a leading score of 15-11. Leading up to this, Medicine Hat had some strong plays. They bite hard, and hung right behind Briercrest, but eventually Briercrest rose to an 8-point advantage with a score of 21-13. Shortly after, a time out was called, and both teams returned to commence the 3rd tie-breaking set. But Briercrest overcame the Rattler’s strong bite, winning with a final victory score of, 25-15.

The 4th final set showdown begun as Medicine Hat served in the ball, but Briercrest overcame Rattler efforts and advanced ahead with a leading score of 4-1. Eventually Briercrest advanced their score to a leading score of 14-8. The Rattlers continued to rise in score, but they couldn’t overcome the pressure and power of Briercrest’s smooth serves and strong spikes. In the end, both teams ended up performing with almost equal efforts. The Rattlers played hard and Briercrest matched their skills, but Briercrest won the final set showdown with a final set victory win score of 25-22.

The player of the game for Briercrest was Kirsty Kindrachuk with 19 digs.

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